Bachelor Pad Finale Live: September 12, 2011 – Your Top Tweets (Final Two Hours)

I may have worked 16 hours today but you better believe the moment I get home I’m watching the season

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Bachelor Pad Finale: September 12, 2011 – Your Top Tweets (Hour One)

#BachelorPad – which guy said “Vegas baby!” thus upholding the d-bag pledge of honor? RT @TvFoodAndDrink: #BachelorPad – which guy

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Bachelor Pad: August 29, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

Nobody uses the term “sociopath” more than #bachelorpad contestants.

Is it true that whenever Kasey and Vienna kiss, an angel loses its wings?? #BachelorPad

Kasey is single-handedly campaigning to bring back the phrase “kick rocks.” Hi, 3rd grade, we missed you. #bachelorpad

Kasey is perfect for twitter.: Kick rocks Deuces. Punch in face. Duh. Amerrrka. Girlfriend. Punch in face. Who’s the bigger man duh #agt

Kasey sounds like a dog with peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth.. Go home nowww! #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad This show needs a big sexy muscle-bound brutha. That’d shut Kasey up.

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Bachelor Pad: August 15, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

“oh my god these people are FREAKS” -my mom’s reaction to #BachelorPad Was looking for football and accidentally watched all

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Bachelor Pad: August 8, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

#BachelorPad premieres tonight. These are the people you share this planet with. Watching #bachelorpad – my MBA just burst into

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The Bachelor 15-11: Brad Womack, My Boyfriend, My Sister and My Niece (Blogging The Finale Live)

It’s a big deal tonight at Chez TV Food and Drink.  Not only is it The Bachelor season finale, but

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The Bachelor 15: Emily or Chantal? Former Cast Members Weigh In

Guest posting tonight is CupidsPulse, who have been following The Journey of The Big Bad Bromack all season long and

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The Bachelor 15-10: The Women Tell All

Was it just me or did anyone else feel like last night’s Bachelor: The Women Tell All was a tight

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The Bachelor 15-9: Brad Womack Hunts His Prey in South Africa

Guest posting tonight’s episode of The Bachelor for Tv Food and Drink is “The Ashley” from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

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The Bachelor 15-8: Home is Where the Funeral Is

Well, these hometown dates tend to take a little of the ZAP out of The Bachelor, don’t they? Where were

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