Juan Pablo Galavis: “The Bachelor” – January 27, 2014: #YourTopTweets #Bachelor

If we let him speak Spanish, can we get through this Rose Ceremony faster? I wanna watch Castle! #bachelor

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Juan Pablo Galavis: “The Bachelor” Recap: January 20, 2014 – #Bachelor

Now 12 girls are gone. That means 15 are left, but 6 of them have problem skin, so we know they’re out. And no girl who wears little flowers on top her head gets anywhere in life, so the clock is ticking on Hippie Chick. And when has anyone ever said, “I’m rooting for the opera singer!”

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Juan Pablo Galavis: “The Bachelor” Recap: January 13, 2014 – #Bachelor

Now I’ll quickly run down the two one-on-one dates for you. Even though there wasn’t really anything new. Dead family members. Walls that won’t come down. Grandmas are the wisest. Someone misses their little boy. Someone misses their little dog. Cue the lights on a guy with a guitar singing about how his heart has been colored in with pastels.

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Juan Pablo Galavis: “The Bachelor” Recap: January 6, 2014 – #Bachelor

It was worth sitting through two hours of The Bachelor tonight just to see that one red headed girl walk

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The Bachelor: Countdown to #JuanPablo Galavis – January 5, 2014 – #Bachelor

So what exactly did we learn about this season’s love-chasers tonight?  Nothing much.  The hour was mostly comprised of assorted women throwing their arms in the air and squealing “Juan Pablo!” in that same embarrassing way my grandma squeals when she gets a BINGO.

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Bachelor Pad Finale Live: September 12, 2011 – Your Top Tweets (Final Two Hours)

I may have worked 16 hours today but you better believe the moment I get home I’m watching the season

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Bachelor Pad Finale: September 12, 2011 – Your Top Tweets (Hour One)

#BachelorPad – which guy said “Vegas baby!” thus upholding the d-bag pledge of honor? RT @TvFoodAndDrink: #BachelorPad – which guy

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Bachelor Pad: August 29, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

Nobody uses the term “sociopath” more than #bachelorpad contestants.

Is it true that whenever Kasey and Vienna kiss, an angel loses its wings?? #BachelorPad

Kasey is single-handedly campaigning to bring back the phrase “kick rocks.” Hi, 3rd grade, we missed you. #bachelorpad

Kasey is perfect for twitter.: Kick rocks Deuces. Punch in face. Duh. Amerrrka. Girlfriend. Punch in face. Who’s the bigger man duh #agt

Kasey sounds like a dog with peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth.. Go home nowww! #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad This show needs a big sexy muscle-bound brutha. That’d shut Kasey up.

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Bachelor Pad: August 15, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

“oh my god these people are FREAKS” -my mom’s reaction to #BachelorPad Was looking for football and accidentally watched all

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Bachelor Pad: August 8, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

#BachelorPad premieres tonight. These are the people you share this planet with. Watching #bachelorpad – my MBA just burst into

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