Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken

Recipe for Slow Cooker Garlic Lemon ChickenMG will tell you that this lemon chicken falls right off the bone and melts in your mouth.  If you were in a slow cooker for eight hours surrounded by potatoes, carrots, garlic cloves and slices of lemon, the same thing would happen to you and you’d never have to go to the gym again.

Grown up crock potMy new Cuisinart slow cooker is getting a real workout.  After 8 years with the Barbie Dream House Crock Pot, I decided it was time to step it up a bit.  After all, I’m not a lonely single guy cooking for one anymore.  I’ve got a partner who counts on me to keep his belly full.  And there’s no skimping on the ingredients or flavor or portion sizes.  He’s from Georgia.
Recipe for Slow Cooker Garlic Lemon ChickenBefore inclusion of the bone-in chicken thighs.

Recipe for Slow Cooker Garlic Lemon ChickenWith thighs nestled gently into the bottom of the crock pot.  I didn’t include the word “nestled” to be all kitchen showy.  That’s exactly what the recipe says to do – nestle the chicken thighs.  So, as I slowly rocked each thigh into place, I asked it if it wanted to hold its wubby, and then gently serenaded it with twenty minutes of “Hush Thee My Rowan.”


Cayenne Chicken and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Say hello to the Dinner of the Devil!

If you’re looking for a meal that will quite literally bring tears to your eyes, a meal that could help you lose friends and alienate people, a meal that will not only stimulate your taste buds, but your nasal passages and your digestive tract as well, THIS is the meal to make.

MG had to stop eating it midway through because it was just too much for his sinuses to take. As for me, I didn’t seem to have the same problem, and finished both my portion and his as well. Some that know me may attribute this to the fact that I have no detectable soul.

So be it.

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Señor Verde’s Chicken Enchiladas

What do you do when you’ve arrived at home with an UNBELIEVABLE amount of affordable vegetables and a brand new Rachael Ray knife?  You get to work putting together a flavor-infused Mexican feast that serves six…  then you make sure you invite only one other person over to enjoy it with you!

Some of you out there know where I get my produce.  In the local area surrounding our production offices, the market I hit is famous not just for its jaw-droppingly low prices on everything from fresh produce, meats, alcohol and fresh breads, but for its war zone of a parking lot with a single entrance, a single exit, and a slew of locals who are either over the age of eighty or simply ignorant to common driver’s courtesy.  Plastic bags and runaway shopping carts dart around freely, as do at least three or four different languages and a healthy amount of honking and cursing.  It’s even worse inside.  It’s never anything but packed to the gills, and a mustering of patience is required along with extra-protective footwear and a heightened sense of self-preservation.

Yes, I very much have to be in a overwhelmingly composed, almost reverent state of mind to venture into the Super King Market at 2716 N. San Fernando Road in the Glassell Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.  I take a deep breath, purse my lips, tuck down my head, and concentrate on the finish line, much as I imagine I might if I were forced to walk across hot coals or experience a colonoscopy.

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Chicken Stuffed with Gouda, Prosciutto and Pecans



Chicken is easy to abuse. It’s so simple to prepare, it’s good for you, it’s filling, it’s abundant, it’s inexpensive, and it takes a real genius to burn it. So, if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself making that aching sigh at the grocery store that translates into “ugh… again?” as you grab your favorite thighs, drumsticks or boneless breasts and toss them unenthusiastically into your basket, the way Mary Richards did in the opening of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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Pizza and a Movie #3: Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza with Prosciutto and The Black Scorpion (1957)

The Black Scorpion centers on a misunderstood prehistoric creature who is accidentally freed from his underground cave by a volcanic eruption and proceeds to roam all of Mexico in search of friendship and understanding.

Unfortunately, he is unable to find it, so instead he decides to slash his way through thousands of locals, demolish infrastructure, and create economic chaos in an attempt to weaken the peso.

Click here for the Recipe!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

For the first time in over three years, I’m a non-working television producer.  As of today, I have been without a job for eight whole days.  Breaking it down, that’s 192 hours, which isn’t so bad.  Heck, I’ve slept more than 192 hours straight on several different occasions.

You can also think of it as 11,520 minutes, which starts to sound a little frightening… though not as frightening as 991,200 seconds.  Holy smokes!  I’ve been a non-working producer for 991,200 seconds?  It’s true what they say about life… it really passes you by before you know it.

You may have noticed that I’m using the term “non-working,” which I think is much nicer than “unemployed,” don’t you?  In fact, if we put our minds to it, we can put a much nicer spin on any unfortunate situation just by tinkering a bit with word choices.  Examples:  My show wasn’t “canceled.”  It just “concluded its run.”  My financial situation hasn’t “stagnated.”  It’s merely “awaiting an upcoming monetary installment.”  You’re not “old.”  You’re simply “well seasoned!”

I’m doing my best to stay in the moment, which is what everyone is telling me I need to do.  Actually, before they tell me to stay in the moment, they ask that question all “non-working” producers just love to hear: “So… now what?”

It’s like they think I keep thirty or forty fully developed careers on stand-by for just such an occasion.  “Well, let me take a look at my handy list here… oh!  Next up is ice cream man.  Perfect!  Summer is just around the corner.  Kids are out of school.  All I need is a little paper hat and a van that plays “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” and I’m right back in the game!

People also do their best to get you very excited about having potentially endless free time on your hands.  “Think of all the things you can do now!” they encourage brightly, “Re-decorate!  Write a novel! Run a marathon!”  Why in god’s name would I want to do any of those things?  Those sound worse than having to go to work every day.  Even if I was independently wealthy, I don’t think any of those things would interest me.

I appreciate all the words of encouragement, instructions on what to do when life gives me lemons, and the reminders that I’m only about thirty work years away from having to scoop up french fries and assemble Happy Meal boxes if I don’t play my cards right.

But for the next 991,200 seconds, I think I will focus on making pizza.

Have you listened to a steaming hot pizza pie just out of the oven recently? The way it sizzles and hisses as the cheese bubbles pop hyperactively from one end of the crust to the other? That aroma of tangy sweet and spicy sauce snaking its way through your kitchen? Even those charred little pockets of mozzarella left behind on the walls of your oven take on a fragrant reminder the next morning… man, I love pizza!

And that’s… what’s now.

So if you’re in the Hollywood area, you should definitely stop by and snag yourself a slice. And don’t worry about gaining weight. At Tv Food and Drink, your butt never looks “fat.” It merely looks “super existent.”

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Señor Verde’s Slow Cooked Montezuma Chicken (Music by Sergio Mendes and ‘Brasil 66!)

For those of you out there who’ve been looking for that perfect dish to serve alongside a healthy dose of Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 on your iPod, you’ve come to the right post.

Show of hands, please?

How many of you out there don’t even own any Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66? Another show of hands, please?

For shame.

What is the fun of a meal this colorful, vibrant and swimming in flavor if you don’t serve it up with music to match its rich, kaleidoscopic, south of the border beauty?

Fear not.  I’m not hear to pass judgment.  I’m here to help.

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Slow Cooked Green Tomatillo Chicken

I slow-cooked this meal all day to celebrate my six year anniversary with MG earlier this month.  See how happy it made him!

Dinner was preceded by a bottle of Toad Hollow wine we picked up back in 2007 on our trip to Bodega Bay while visiting locations from Hitchcock’s The Birds.  In the four years since then, MG has suggested from time to time we crack it open, but no… I wanted to wait for that memorable, just-right “special occasion.” 

It turns out I waited too long.

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Señor Verde’s Baked Chicken with Hot Pepper Gravy

Last Sunday afternoon was spent at the Farmer’s Market Sur La Table “Knife Cutting Essentials” class run by Martin Gilligan, former Executive Chef at the Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens in downtown Los Angeles.  It was an education long overdue for me as my chopping, slicing and dicing skills up to this point have been self-taught and rather inefficient by my own admission.
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Pineapple-Glazed Chicken with Jalapeño Salsa

After the mass quantities of barbeque sauce, mac and cheese, and pizza that has been consumed at Chez TV Food and Drink in the last week or so (I’m keeping mum about the homemade cinnamon and brown sugar pop tarts from last week, but expect the post soon), it’s time for something a little brighter, and definitely a little lighter.

This recipe was secured of my iPhone Epicurious app. and comes from the good people at Bon Appétit, a magazine I have never actually purchased, much less looked through.  Am I missing out on something?

And let’s hear it for homemade salsa!  There is nothing better.  Jarred salsa is just a total impostor, usually crammed with juices and preservatives that completely violate the vibrant colors of the vegetables, but the fresh homemade!  Oh joy!  Watch it sing its own praises right off your plate!

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