Making Martha’s Cakes – Buttermilk Cake with Rich Chocolate Frosting (Cake #12)

I actually forgot to put the salt in when I was supposed to, and without much thought to the consequences, tossed it in at the last second, thinking some serious time with the beaters would effectively weave the flavor in. This did not happen, and the frosting tasted like beach sand.

So what do I do?

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Making Martha’s Cakes – Devil’s Food Cake with Seven-Minute Frosting (Cake #11)

Michael and I agree: Martha Stewart’s Devil’s Food Cake with Seven-Minute Frosting is the best cake I’ve made from Martha’s book so far.  Not only was this devil’s food cake a rich, decadent, mile-high mountain of fudge-flavor-moistness, there was an extra flavor boost that sprung out of a frosting fail.

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