Today’s Match Game Contestant is… Maggie Dewitt!

Says Maggie: “I’m originally from Phoenix, Arizona and now I live in beautiful Santa Barbara!  I’m a cashier clerk.  And I’ve just recently celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary to a great guy who’s sitting out there in the audience! And my hobbies are bowling, tennis, golf, and riding my motorcycle… they call me Motorcycle Mama!”

Gene: “That’s an inexpensive way to get around.”

Maggie: “You’re darn right with gas prices what they are these days!”

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My Game with Discover Card

The lady at Discover Card said, “Okay, in order for me to send you a replacement card I need to ask you a series of multiple choice questions. I got very excited and said, “Oh! I’m great at this. Let me go get comfortable!”

I plopped down on the couch and said, “Okay, go!”

She said, “Here is your question. Which of these streets in Beverly Hills did you once live on? Is it… A…”

Before she could read the possible answers, I yelled out, “Rexford! Rexford Drive!”

After a momentary pause, she went, “Ding ding ding ding ding!”

So now Discover Card will now get all my business. It’s that simple with me.

Phyllis Diller in Stop-Motion, Singing “You’re Different!” From Mad Monster Party

When I pre-interviewed Phyllis Diller over the phone for her appearance later in the week on GSN Live, I told her that I knew all the lyrics to her song, “You’re Different,” from the 1967 stop-motion animated film Mad Monster Party. She laughed and said, “Well, you’ll have to sing it for me.” Though that may have just been a polite remark on her end, I took it far more seriously. When Phyllis Diller asks you to sing for her, you do it.

So in between segments, I ran over to where she was seated on the set, leaned down, cupped my hand against her ear and sang her the first two verses as quietly and as quickly as I could. I was met with a giant trademark Phyllis cackle, and when I finished she placed my hands between hers and said, “Thanks for the memory.” One of my favorite television producer moments, and one I intend to share with everyone willing to lesson until my dying day.

Check out the song below. Then be sure to go sing it to someone you love and admire.

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Phyllis Diller’s First Television Appearance: You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx

Take a look below at some of Phyllis Diller’s very first television appearance…way back in 1957 on the Groucho Marx talk-game hybrid You Bet Your Life.  Hard to believe she was ever nervous about stand-up.  A welcome reminder that looking effortless at something you love requires lots and lots of commitment and fearlessness.

RIP Phyllis, and thank you for working so hard!

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Match Game Presents: The Many Hairstyles of Phyllis Diller

A few years back, I had the pleasure/honor/thrill of producing Phyllis Diller for GSN Live. The entire staff was all so excited about her impeding Friday appearance, we took great delight in the edit bay creating “Phyllis teases” to air all week long. My personal favorite was this one, put together by our show’s editor, Sam West, in honor of Phyllis and her multitude of wigs, hats, falls, beads, and other head accessories. The woman could really pull off just about anything, don’t you think? You can see for yourself below. RIP Phyllis.

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What’s My Line? Mystery Guests: Lucy & Desi

Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball never had much luck pulling the wool over the What’s My Line? panel when they appeared as the show’s Mystery Guests.

For the handful of souls out there, aside from myself, who would be infuriated by a post revealing the outcomes of each of their trips to the seat next to host John Charles Daly, I hereby present a SPOILER ALERT.  It may be the furthest reaching back SPOILER ALERT in the history of the notion, but there you are.

But, if you’ve ever wondered what the Ricardo apartment from I Love Lucy looked like in actual color and you choose not to move on, you’ll miss out on some seriously cool footage secretly shot on the set.

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