The Cat-chelor: And The Winner By Your Votes Is….

Your votes decided it! Click through to see which kitty I brought home.

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Julia Louis Dreyfus Knows the Secret to Keeping Weight Off, and Now You Can Too! (#Veep) NSFW

Click through to find out what Vice-President Selina Meyer thinks you should do to keep yourself looking trim.  HINT:  Masturbating on the subway comes into play.

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Watching: Splash (ABC) – March 19, 2013 (VIDEO)

All Photos: ABC/Kelsey McNeal Here’s all you need to know about #Splash.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored a 7.25 for doing this:

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2013 #AcademyAwards Red Carpet – Your Top Tweets #Oscars

“Viola Davis looks like a pile of whipped cream!  But Dole Whip.  She’s got a little tint to her, so

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The 2013 Golden Globe Awards – Your Top Tweets #GoldenGlobes

The #GoldenGlobes is fun in the moment, then instantly forgettable… the Happy Meal of Awards Shows

People are live tweeting #GoldenGlobes? Just for that I’ll be live tweeting farm reports

Someone call 911 – Nicole Kidman has OD’d on Botox.  #Goldenglobes

Lea Michele’s spray tan is borderline racist. #GoldenGlobes

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#MissAmerica 2013 – Your Top Tweets

I guess by the looks of Twitter, #MissAmerica is on.. My dog is howling. #missamerica All these years… and still

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Former #MissAmerica Contestant Alyse Eady (Miss Arkansas) – She Yodels! She’s a Ventriloquist! (VIDEO)

Here’s a video tribute to my favorite Miss America contestant of all time, Alyse Eady, Former Miss Arkansas on the night Michael and I watched her yodeling ventriloquist act for the very first time. Click through to watch the fun!

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“Stars in Danger: The High Dive” (FOX) – Your Top Tweets #StarsInDanger

I don’t understand this #starsindanger show. They are jumping off a high five. Do Highway Frogger then we’ll talk… #starsindanger The only thing that would make this better is if honey boo boo was tossed off the top… Waiting to see the show Child Stars In Danger where Casey Anthony babysits them for a weekend. #starsindanger… We’re this close to just throwing reality stars into battery acid for entertainment. #StarsInDanger

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