Binge-Watching “The Walking Dead” Season One (#TheWalkingDead)

As I’m not one who goes in for excessive violence, even if it is perpetrated on walking bodies of human rot lumbering around looking to feast on the limbs of the living, I turned out to be a little squeamish. That being said, you might enjoy the video below. #TheWalkingDead

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Watching: Scandal – “A Door Marked Exit” – Your Top Tweets – #ScandalThursday #Gladiators #YourTopTweets

It’s #ScandalThursday – Twitter goes into ALL CAPS!

“Cyrus… I have committed a sin.” #ScandalABC aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

D’oh! The Christian nut job VP just killed Steven Carrington #2! Alexis will NOT be happy! #ScandalFinale #Dynasty

Poor Steven Carrington – First Sammie Jo, and now this. #ScandalFinale

Now both the President and the Vice President are murders! Way to unify the ticket! #ScandalFinale

Sally… in the study… with the letter opener. #Scandal

Hey boys, good news! SALLY’S ON THE MARKET AGAIN! ๐Ÿ™‚ #ScandalThursday

If every straight woman-gay man marriage in DC ended this way there’d be nothing left there but fountains. #Gladiators #ScandalFinale #AskScandal

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Watching “The Sound of Music – LIVE” – Your Top Tweets – #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I’m so glad Carrie Underwood won #idol or that would have been Bo Bice playing Maria #TheSoundOfMusicLive I’m just going

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The #Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock FINALE – Your #TopTweets: August 5, 2013

If there is a God in heaven, there won’t be a poem. LOL What is “Bachelorette Nation!” u ask? It’s

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The #Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Recap/Your #TopTweets: July 29, 2013

The #bachelorette now sits alone and heartbroken on a dock overlooking a gorgeous ocean. Cue Sharknado.

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Trisha’s Southern Kitchen WINS at the #DaytimeEmmys… OR DO WE? (VIDEO from our table) #EmmyAwards

Here’s the video shot at our table last night as they announced our category. Yes, that was me filming the entire experience, but if Bethenny Frankelย didn’t mind, I don’t see why anyone else should (to be honest I thought there’d be more people doing it).

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The 2013 Daytime Emmys are Sunday, June 16th on HLN #DaytimeEmmys #TheEmmys

I already have my Facebook status update options ready to go for Sunday night. It will either be… A.) WE WON! I officially retire tomorrow….or B.) We lost. Deadline reports voter fraud… or C.) Shit! I slept through it. Is Game of Thrones still on?

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