The Choice (FOX) – June 21, 2012: Your Top Tweets – #TheChoice

I just accidentally watched #ThChoice on FOX…excuse me while I go eat batteries.

Watching #TheChoice and trying to figure out how to get my chair to turn around away from the television

What I would say if I were on #TheChoice: “I’m ugly, obese, and I hate men.”

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The Choice (FOX) – June 7, 2012: Your Top Tweets – #TheChoice

Summer television is the networks’ way of saying “Go outside…it’s warm now.” #thechoice

#TheChoice – Chuck Barris just threw up on himself

#TheChoice – Americans make so much fun of shows like this when they’re called “Sabado Gigante”

I’m watching #TheChoice and it made me so dumb I already forgot what #TakeMeOut was about

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Take Me Out (FOX) – June 7, 2012: Your Top Tweets – #TakeMeOut

I’m at Togo’s and they just put on #takemeout

You know it’s bad when George Lopez is the best looking person on the stage #takemeout

What is happening on the television? Why is George Lopez presiding over it? This is an elaborate prank, right? #takemeout

The only reason #TakeMeOut is on the air is so they can market “Magic Mike” to chicks

#takemeout there are 25 dumb girls on this show

#TakeMeOut needs to paired with #GiveMeTheBong

#take me out – girls turn lights on and off… for an hour.

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