London 2012 Summer Olympics: Opening Ceremonies – Your Top Tweets

I forgot to get dessert for the #OpeningCeremonies. Luckily, I have peanut butter and baker’s chocolate. Let the games begin, fuckers!

“Yo London, Imma let you finish, but Beijing had the best #openingceremonies of all time.”

#OpeningCeremonies  Would anyone notice if they added a fake country to the parade… like Newfartandstand?

god I hate the way British people talk #OpeningCeremonies

Needs more Monty Python #openingceremonies

There has been an underwhelming number of Spice Girls appearances thus far. #London2012 #OpeningCeremonies #WhatIReallyReallyWant

Princess Di hologram for the #OpeningCeremonies at the #olympics. I’m calling it.

help us, Hologram John Lennon and Hologram George Harrison. you’re our only hope. #OpeningCeremonies

“there’s the queen cheering wildly.” I’m pretty sure that’s not what we’re seeing

And by “there’s the queen, cheering wildly,” they mean “and there’s the queen, standing quietly and calmly.” #openingceremonies #London2012

“Here’s the Queen, cheering wildly for Great Britain.” Sure, let’s go with that. #OpeningCeremonies

The Queen looked utterly bored! Haha! My bf says she’s thinking “It’s past my bedtime & I missed Golden Girls! Dammit!” #openingceremonies

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