The Cat-chelor: And The Winner By Your Votes Is….

If you’re one of nearly 1,000 people who cast a vote in The Cat-Chelor, I want to thank you for helping make my mind up for me.

And if you’re one of those throuble-makers who voted for Feral Darryl over and over, I especially want to thank you for finally finding something else to do.  He was in the lead for a good 36 hours.  I was growing worried for my future.  While I certainly didn’t want to circumvent the democratic process, I also didn’t want to spend the next 15 years living inside a suit of chainmail.

Your votes decided it, so click through to see who I brought home.

Who’s my new kitty?

SHOCKING The Cat-chelor: WHO WILL BE MY NEXT CAT? YOU DECIDE! (5 cats going home this week)

Round TWO!  This is your chance to decide which cat I will adopt as my new pet. 

Each of these cats is currently living at a non-profit, no-kill pet shelter in Los Angeles. But while this competition is in process, they are all residing at a 10,000 square foot mansion in Malibu, complete with indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, a bar in every room, and a landing pad for the obligatory helicopter date.

At the end of this recap, please vote for the TOP THREE CATS you think are the best match for me, and next week I will narrow it all the way down to “the one.”  Vote as much as you like.

Nine cats are left standing at the top of tonight’s episode after I said goodbye to Feral Darryl last week.

Poor Feral Darryl.  It turns out he has a really weird infection in an area polite conversation dare not name.  And it would have required me to give him an ointment using a rubber surgical glove and applied weekly in a manner that, well… I  don’t think I want to go any further. Let’s just say Darryl and I aren’t gonna work out.

Moving on.  This week’s first one-on-one date goes to Kalista, the nine year old domestic short-hair calico who’s had all her shots and likes to eat string.

For our date, I took Kalista to the Capitol Records building in Hollywood where I had planned for the two of us to record a version of “The Siamese Cat Song” from Lady and the Tramp.  Instead, Kalista went off to the corner to chew the pull-cord off a Venetian blind, then she fell asleep for thirteen hours.

When she woke up, I took her to the roof for the obligatory “cough up something deep about yourself” segment.  I went first: I admitted to Kalista I was selfish with my feelings.  Then it was Kalista’s turn and, well, she literally coughed something up.  It looked like part of a bird beak or maybe the sharp end of a mini golf course pencil.  Neither of us was really sure.  But she picked the sticky glob up anyway and handed it to me saying, “Keep this as a memento of our special night together.”   Then we just stared up at the stars together.  And every so often I’d stick my hands in seafood and let her lick my fingers.

And can we talk about Dinky?   There’s always one cat on these shows who’s just a total psycho, right?  The other cats in the mansion call her “Dinky Drama,” and she really proved that to be true when she got wasted on Jack Daniels and cornered me on the veranda, refusing to be ignored.

Generally, when one of these cats sidles up to the me after tossing back a few, they paste on their innocent faces and say sweet things like, “Wow, it’s really chilly out,” or “When I’m with you my tail sticks straight up into the air!”  Instead, drunk Dinky went with, “Well you knooooow… I had alllllll my teeth pulled out but one!  And sometimes I lick myself behind the dryer… so there’s that.  Don’t judge!  I went to junior college!”

Then she looked up at me with her snaggle tooth and her slightly crossed left eye, and farted without seeming to notice.

Marshmallow got a little one on one time with me later in the evening and revealed that she used to be something of a bad girl.  In fact she’s given birth 57 times and left most of them behind a Target in Woodland Hills!

Marshmallow thought I might be horrified by this revelation, but instead I was really touched at the way she opened up to me.  I gave her a rose right on the spot and Marshmallow proclaimed, “I’m the most special diabetic Persian half-breed in the entire world!”  Then another kitten shot out of her and she accidentally sat down on it and smothered it to death.  But it’s all ok.  Before anyone could get too grossed out, she ate it.  I gotta admit, she’s really here to win, that Marshmallow!

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Readers, I am looking for your help.

Last July, Z died of cancer.  I had him for thirteen years.  You remember Z, don’t you?  My big fat dumb cuddle kitty who regularly found his way to my website, showing off his extra tonnage in a photo category all his own entitled AM I FAT?

This picture sits next to my bed.  It was the last one we took before we put Z down.  The cancer had pretty much eradicated his appetite, so he went to the grave looking like the feline version of Valerie Bertinelli, circa 2009.  I am sure Z worked it all the way across that Rainbow Bridge.

Now it’s time to get a new play buddy, but you pet owners know how hard it is… looking at all these cats needing adoption and thinking, “Could any of them possibly fill that hole in my heart?”  After all, when you first meet a cat… he’s really just a cat who has yet to have assigned to him or her all those human characteristics that lead us to fall in love with them… “troublemaker,” “manipulator,” “badass,” “slut.”


That’s where YOU come in, because I just can’t make up my mind.  Every cat deserves a home, but I only have space for one.

After the jump, you can meet the Top 10 contenders looking to win a spot in my life.  Take a look, read their pros and cons, and make your decision. At the end of the post, you can vote for your top three. Then check back here regularly to see which cat America decided to vote off… and who will ultimately… win the heart of The Cat-chelor!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll get to know the contenders a little bit better.  I’ll take them out and do things with them.  Perhaps we’ll challenge our fears by scaling down the sides of tall buildings.  Or we’ll pose for romance covers in a photo shoot, followed by intimate talks about our emotional scars in the group jacuzzi.

And you don’t have to worry about playing favorites.  All these animals are located at a Los Angeles facility where they are allowed to live out their natural lives.  All their needs are met while they await to meet their perfect person.

So help me find my new four-legged best friend.  The search begins now!  Here come the contenders in no particular order.

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