Slow Cooker Creamy Turkey Stroganoff

Turkey Stroganoff Recipe

I’d like to start this post with some bonus information:  Stroganoff does not photograph well.

It’s a most excellent stroganoff.  But it’s not pretty.  All grays and murky yellows, with flecks of greenish brown mushrooms.  When one of my paintings starts to go wrong, it looks like turkey stroganoff.

Turkey Stroganoff Recipe

Look, I even tried the “delicately investigating with a kitchen spoon” shot for you people.  It didn’t do much.

Still, I will fight for this turkey stroganoff recipe because we ate it for the next three days.  And as good as it was straight out of the crock pot, it aged fabulously between Sunday and Tuesday.  And those egg noodles… well they just skip down the back of your tongue and jump right into your tummy, warm and wobbly.

The recipe below is from Creme de la Crumb.  And it looks like one of those sites that tries to resemble a home chef blog but is far too slick looking to be believed.  No typos, no coding errors, no margin mishaps.  The color balance and contrast in every photo is just a little too perfect.  I link to it below and you can see for yourself.  I don’t know… I think it might be the Russians.

Get the recipe HERE!