William Stokkebroe – 2 Years Old and Dancing the Jive to “Jailhouse Rock” (VIDEO)

Meet William Stokkebroe, two-year-old son of Peter and Katrina Stokkebroe, a professional dance team from Denmark. William was caught proving that the ability to groove is most assuredly in the genes earlier this year, with a jive accompanied by Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock.” If his moves don’t get you, his beyond-his-years bow at the end surely will, along with the devastating knowledge that there’s a two-year-old in the world who dances better than you do.  Video below.

Two Year Old Dances the Jive to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” (WATCH VIDEO)

Mother’s Day Video: #ExtraordinaryMom Battles the Over-Frozen Ice Cream Pie – Only One Can Win! (VIDEO)

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In honor of Mother’s Day 2012, I present to you my favorite funny mom video of all time.  And yes, it features my own mother, Gloria. (a close second would be when I got to electrocute her on national television).
It’s quite rare that a frozen dessert treat gets one over on my mom, but this ice cream pie had a little something extra Gloria didn’t count on.  And so the fight begins.

In the end, as you might have expected, mother reigns supreme.  Did you expect anything less from Gloria Green?  No one in my family did.

Happy Mother’s Day, Gloria!

Watch Mom take down the over-frozen ice cream pie below in one of the funniest Mother’s Day videos you’ll ever see.

Watch: #ExtraordinaryMom Battles the Over-Frozen Ice Cream Pie

The Today Show – Kid Genius Really Has to Poop (VIDEO)

Pity 3 year-old Mensa genius, Emmelyn Roettger. She can read well beyond her age level, she can name all the planets in the solar system, not only can she can say the word “metamorphosis,” but she actually knows what it means… and still, no one listens to her when she has to poop.

In this clip from The Today Show, try as she may, poor little Emmelyn just can’t get anyone to point her towards the nearest ladies room, mason jar or available bucket. Instead, she’s more or less completely dismissed as her parents go on and on to Natalie Morales about how advanced she is. They certainly would have looked like dolts if their brilliant little toddler had ended up blubbering on top a mountain of her own feces. I wonder if little Emmie knows how to say “anorectal abrasion.”

Check out the video below:

Click here to watch: The Today Show: Kid Genius Really Has to Poop