San Andreas Snowman: A Christmas Stop Motion Short Film by Michael Granberry

If you’re in need of some legitimate stop motion holiday cheer, I dare you to watch this through to the end and not allow a smile to creep across your face. Happy holidays!

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It’s The Oldest Story in the Book

Michael Granberry went to Georgia today. And you know what they say: “While the cat’s away, the mouse will cook, read a book, and go to bed early since the cat who’s romantically obliged to listen to him bitch and moan went to Georgia today.”

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My Game with Discover Card

The lady at Discover Card said, “Okay, in order for me to send you a replacement card I need to ask you a series of multiple choice questions. I got very excited and said, “Oh! I’m great at this. Let me go get comfortable!”

I plopped down on the couch and said, “Okay, go!”

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