Time to Play: REAL Cookbook or CROCK Cookbook? – Cooking with a Serial Killer

Cooking with a Serial Killer, written by Dorothea Puente, convicted in 1993 of poisoning three residents at her Sacramento boarding house, burying them in her backyard, and cashing their social security checks. Her cookbook includes recipes for chipotle ketchup, Mexican chicken-gizzard soup, veggie burgers, and tamales prison-style. And guess what, the recipes aren’t hers either.

What do you think? Real Cookbook or Crock Cookbook?

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San Andreas Snowman: A Christmas Stop Motion Short Film by Michael Granberry

Written by Shaun Loeser with animation by Michael Granberry, San Andreas Snowman does not possess the maniacal Christmas streak on display in some of MG’s previous Christmas efforts posted here (see The Naughty List and The Dan Band’s Christmas Flip Flop), but if you’re in need of some legitimate holiday cheer, I dare you to watch this through to the end and not allow a smile to creep across your face. Happy holidays!

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My Game with Discover Card

The lady at Discover Card said, “Okay, in order for me to send you a replacement card I need to ask you a series of multiple choice questions. I got very excited and said, “Oh! I’m great at this. Let me go get comfortable!”

I plopped down on the couch and said, “Okay, go!”

She said, “Here is your question. Which of these streets in Beverly Hills did you once live on? Is it… A…”

Before she could read the possible answers, I yelled out, “Rexford! Rexford Drive!”

After a momentary pause, she went, “Ding ding ding ding ding!”

So now Discover Card will now get all my business. It’s that simple with me.