CNN and Don Lemon: A Return to Disastrous Reporting

A painful reminder of CNN’s woeful, inept coverage.

As Don Lemon focused tonight on the inauguration crowd “scandal” and sketchy explanations of how thousands will die, seemingly on the spot, when ObamaCare is repealed, other more complicated and pressing issues like reproductive rights, climate change, civil liberties, and basic common factual knowledge, all threatened by the Lying Tax Dodger, go unaddressed.

May I please beg of you to subscribe to a newspaper that you have to read for yourself, that still has a budget for investigative journalism, which is probably increasing by the moment. Cable news is designed to keep you in front of the television. You must trust me, I have been designing programming to keep you in front of the television for more than a decade. Tit never changes opinions. It only re-enforces the opinions people already have.

The NY Times (there’s a reason the President slams them whenever he can), The Washington Post, The Guardian, Dan Rather’s feed on Facebook, News and Guts on Facebook, hell even Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair seem up to the fight. I’d also recommend reading the news at a more local level: seeing what the people who govern your city are doing, where they are focusing their efforts, where they are asking for help, and who is an up and coming politician you like and might be able to help push to the next level.

GOOGLE ALERTS will bring the information RIGHT TO YOUR IN BOX.

Any other suggestions I should check out? I welcome your replies.

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