#RNCinCLE – Republican National Convention 2016 in Cleveland – Day #1 Top Tweets

Scott Baio RNC Republican conventionShit, my TV is broken, the screen is nothing but a harsh blinding white glare, and…oh, wait, it’s just the #RNCinCLE

are those empty seats I’m seeing or is that just Clint Eastwood’s entourage? #RNCinCLE

“War is not about bathrooms”…that’s a real thing a person said that got a crowd fired up. In real life. In America. In 2016. #RNCinCLE

Republican delegates really should not be allowed to dance around. #RNCinCLE #RNC2016

Updated GOP Convention Schedule 1. Johnny Manziel 2. Scott Baio 3. Alf 4. Josef Stalin Hologram 5. Westboro Baptist Preacher

Let’s build a wall around the #RNCinCLE.

It’s fun when 14 or 15 people all chant “Trump” in there. #RNCinCLE

Donald Trump, his 3rd wife and a bunch of kids who are trying to figure out which one belongs to which mother will speak at the #RNCinCLE

I can’t wait to see what Melania’s not wearing tonight. #RNCinCLE

The #RNCinCLE is a real who used to be who of celebrity.

Scott Baio RNC Republican conventionNext week, Scott Baio will be speaking at my garage sale #RNCinCLE

What time does Scott Baio speak so I can time when the mushrooms kick in? #RNCinCLE

RNC convention Republican Willie Robertson“Please welcome avid hunter and business man, Willie Robertson!”  As long as the priorities are straight.   #RNCinCLE #DuckDynasty

“They don’t like to hang out with regular folks like us,” says Willie Robertson, net worth of $10 million. #RNCinCLE

It was nice of Willie Robertson to step in when Honey Boo Boo had to cancel. #RNCinCLE

Donald Trump will have your back, whether you like it or not. We will all be forced to wear his Made in China dress shirts. #RNCinCLE

And now Scott Baio. At lease Clint Eastwood did some great movies. #RNCinCLE

“That was Scott Baio.. who drew the first cheers AND rousing boos of the evening.” #RNCinCLE

RNC Republican convention Rick PerryPut away your breakables, kids. here comes Rick Perry!!  #RNCinCLE

Who’s the smart man with the glasses? He makes me think of 3 things. 1. Strength. 2. Freedom. and 3……….. #RNCinCLE

Wait… Donald Trump just appeared on FoxNews. He wants people to watch him instead of the convention… about him. #RNCinCLE

The countdown to Antonio Sabato Jr. is on.  No, Rick Perry, we count DOWN for these.  #RNCinCLE

What time is Willie Aames speaking? #RNCinCLE#CharlesInCharge

Drink everytimeAntonio Sabato Jr, says “as’right!” #RNCinCLE

I have never wanted to see Antonio Sabato Jr. talk with a shirt on, and I don’t tonight.  “s’right!”  #RNCinCLE

RNC Republican Convention Antonio Sabato Jr

Oh my god I don’t know who ANY of these speakers are.  There’s more star power at the #Chabad telethon.  #RNCinCLE

#RNCinCLE… Damn this is boring.  I need a “Countdown to Melania” clock in the corner.

RNC Republican Convention Rudy Giuliani#RNCinCLE Giuliani is looking more and more like Danny Devito as the Penguin

Giuliani has been drinking out of his shoe.  #RNCinCLE

Giuliani: ‘I Am Having A Medical Emergency’ #RNCinCLE

RNC Convention Republican Convention Donald TrumpEnter DONALD #RNCinCLE

Is this the RNC or the WWF? #RNCinCLE

Donald Trump just made his entrance to #RNCinCLE like it was Wrestlemania:

I keep thinking this is an SNL spoof. This is unreal. Just unreal. #RNCinC

“we’re gonna win so big. It’ll be tremendous. We’ll be winning. We’re gonna win so big” #GOPconvention #RNCinCLE

RNC Republican Convention Melania TrumpCan’t decide what is more humorous- Melania as First Lady or Bill as First Gentleman ? #RNCinCLE


We could have had Marla Maples.  She’s way more First Lady material.  #RNCinCLE

“He freed me from my shipping crate” – #MelaniaSpeaks #RNCinCLE

Why doesn’t this immigrant learn proper English and assimilate? #GOPconvention#RNCinCLE

Melania Fact: Has endorsed third-party candidate Jill Stein for president #RNCinCLE

Will he deport you too melania? #RNCinCLE

Before you make fun of the way Melania speaks, keep in mind she can say it all in an additional four languages.  #RNCinCLE

Speaker 1: “Immigrants.” Crowd: Boo!!! Speaker 2: “Immigrants!” Crowd: Boo!!! Trump: My wife, the immigrant!!! Crowd: Yay!!! #RNCinCLE

Third wife: “He will never give up.” #RNCinCLE

I’m not voting this year. * watches #RNCinCLE for 5 minutes * Yeah, nevermind, Hillary it is
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