Frank Sinatra: “It Was a Very Good Year”

“And now I think of my life as vintage wine… From fine old kegs… From the brim to the dregs… It poured sweet and clear… It was a very good year”

Arguably the most famous Frank Sinatra song of them all, the 1965 recording of “It Was a Very Good Year” was filmed by CBS Television and used for a Walter Cronkite news special celebrating Sinatra’s 50th birthday, broadcast on November 16th of that year.

The song is from the the album September of My Years, winner of the 1966 Grammy for “Album of the Year,” “Best Male Vocal Performance” and “Best Instrumental Arrangement” for Arranger Gordon Jenkins.

I’m older than the ages referenced in the first three verses now. Both my mother and my father used to sing along with this song when I was a kid. It held no meaning for me then. Now, I find it to be so overwhelming I’ll only ever listen to it when I’m alone.

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