Dispatch from the Aloha Sunset Cottage – Kauai 2015, Day 4

Today is a “recharge the batteries day” A little sun, a little surf and sand, and a lot of sushi.  Tomorrow we visit Kauai’s Hindu Monastery in Wailua and hit the waterfall trifecta: Wailua, Ho’opi’i and Opaeka’a.  And the day after that, a “no-doors” helicopter tour of the island.  Expect some tremendous photos when they find my camera after recovering the body.  Aloha!

View above from Kalihiwai Beach in Kalihiwai
Can you see me?
Our backyard buddy. He’s coming home in my pocket.

Sushi Night at the Hanalei Dolphin in Hanalei Bay
Catching a double rainbow is nothing compared to catching a double gekko
Near Mile Marker 14 on Highway 56 is King Kong Mountain. Do you see the great ape’s profile here? Some do, but others see George Washington, a sea turtle, and a woman in her third tri-mester
Rubbing Aloha Kitty is good luck for the creative spirit.
And finally, an update from the GreenBerry TreeHouse in Los Angeles. We knew she’d be well-behaved in our absence.  #AmericaLovesMysteryCat

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