Dispatch from the Aloha Sunset Cottage – Kauai 2015, Day 2

How would you like to wake up and meet this little lady in the yard while you’re picking oranges for breakfast?*

And how much would you dig running into this friendly face as you’re driving down the street?**

And God in heaven, what if you were out swimming and you brushed up against one of these?***Here’s breakfast for Day 2, personally prepared at the Aloha Sunset Cottage by Mister Michael Granberry.  He dubbed it “Grilled Salmon with Parmesan Avocado Corners.”  And if you’re thinking “Hey!  Those are just diagonally cut pieces of toast with smeared avocado and Kraft Parmesan from the can!” keep it to yourself or you’ll be sleeping on the porch with the spiders and the pig.

Remember yesterday, when I expertly found the hidden trail leading to gorgeous Secret Beach all by myself?  I felt so proud and accomplished that I took Michael there today.  As we started the trail, I warned him with loving concern, “Go slow and stay a little behind me because it gets dangerous and I wouldn’t want–”

By that point he was already about 30 feet ahead of me.  And by the time we hit the beach, he’d extended his lead to a good quarter mile, plus I’d been lapped by a collie with a deformed leg and a little boy wearing a Dora the Explorer hat.

Secret Beach is gorgeous.  Plus it’s actually appropriately named.  First, you have to locate an un-named dirt road off the 56,  follow it a good quarter mile to park, and then find the start of the “death trail” leading down to the shore. There were more fiddler crabs on the sand then there were people.  We saw a dude flying a kite, a dude playing a ukulele, and a guy stretched out the sand who may or may not have been dead.  We didn’t think twice about it though, because if you’re lucky enough to die at Secret Beach, you should be celebrated for going out at one of the prettiest spots on the island.

There’s no one at Secret Beach but us!

Anini Beach is a different story altogether.  It’s protected by a long, fringing reef.  Upside: it’s safe for swimming and snorkeling.  Downside: because it’s safe for swimming and snorkeling, every tourist and visiting family is drawn to it.  I took to calling it “Aloha Toddler” Beach and Michael dubbed it “Anini Bambini.”  We stayed about 25 minutes.

Now this is more like it.  We’re just west of Hanalei Bay at the Mile Nine Marker, heading towards Tunnels Beach and the Na Pali Coast.  I labelled this spot the Lumaha’i Stream in yesterday’s post.  I’m not entirely sure I’m right, but I’m likely to visit it a third time before we leave, so I’ll have another chance to nail it.  Whatever it’s called, it’s gorgeous as the sun is setting, though a little chilly.  After this, we headed back home for dinner and a little cuddle time with Snowflake the Cottage cat, followed by an hour of me reading up on where apostrophes go in Hawaiian words.  I plan to nail that too!

Tomorrow, we head to the west side of the island for hiking at the Koke’e Trails and Waimea Canyon.

* This is a Hawaiian garden spider, female. They originate in Asia, and like just about everything else here, they’re easygoing and don’t cause trouble.  The zig zag webbing is called a “stabilimentum,” and I’m guessing its function is either to make the spider seem larger and more threatening, or to hook itself more dinner.

** This is not the actual picture of the wild board we ran into on the road. I was too afraid to stop and take a picture after Michael proclaimed with great Southern-boy confidence, “Man, those things will FUCK…. YOU… UP!” (he cranked up the accent for it too!).  So I found a photo on line that most closely approximates the location and size of the boar. What it definitely does NOT approximate is the herd of six or seven more we saw trotting around the main road and down the driveway to a dilapidated house that had a series of animal skulls perched on its front porch.  This is what happens when you see a road with a “NO OUTLET” sign in the middle of nowhere and say, “Let’s go this way!”

*** Michael snorkeling at Anini. He would never do this in a Los Angeles ocean. I think in the ten years we’ve been together I’ve seen him in public waters less than five times.  I was delighted watching him enjoy himself so much in the waves.  I love you, baby!

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