Juan Pablo Galavis: “The Bachelor” – January 27, 2014: #YourTopTweets #Bachelor


Juan Pablo I would just like to say I visually enjoy you #Bachelor

Does every season of this show HAVE to have a girl with a lazy eye? #Bachelor

How is “Dog Lover” a profession? #bachelor

If I say “Donut Eater” is a profession, can I give up the law and just eat Krispy Kremes all day? #Bachelor

Unfortunately we could only clear songs in the public domain so they all did Karaoke to “Stars and Stripes Forever” #Bachelor

What do I need to do to get a ‘Sharleen is not impressed’ meme going? #bachelor

Idk how I feel about sharleen.. #Bachelor

charlene needs to go #bachelor

I hate Sharleeen #Bachelor

Sharleen says she doesn’t want children. Juan Pablo has a child. So naturally he gives her the rose. #Bachelor

Sharleen: Yes, I love children. They’re delicious! #Bachelor

imageclaire has the biggest stink face ever #bachelor

“I threw up in my mouth but then I swallowed it back down.” And just like that, Clare scores the fantasy suite spot #Bachelor

I’m pretty sure I slept with Clare once, and she slashed my tires. #Bachelor

Clare has a strong natural bitchface. #bitchfacestrong #Bachelor #TheBachelor

So let me get this STRAIGHT. The only girl you kiss is the one who just told you she threw up in her mouth and swallowed it? #bachelor #JP

Clare…stop saying “like” and “out of my comfort zone” #Bachelor

If this show teaches me anything, it’s how stupid “like” sounds. Totally, like, inspired to drop the habit. #thebachelor #Bachelor

Clare says “are we going to eat octopus?” Not until the fantasy suites. #Bachelor

Quote presented without comment: “I know you’ve swallowed bigger things than that.” #bachelor

Clare seems like she has had worse things in her mouth, let’s be serious. #Bachelor

“I know you’ve swallowed bigger things than that” THAT GIRL IS MY HERO #sexualjokes #bachelor

I don’t like Dog Lover as a contestant but as a bitchy commentator I LOVE HER. #bachelor

LOL to the dog lover calling out Claire…props for keeping it real #Bachelor

Dog Lover is 100% my favorite… so she’s doomed. #Bachelor

Kelly is in a big drama sandwich. Bless her heart. #bachelor

Who is this girl crying because JP didn’t kiss her? Has she been on the show the whole time? #Bachelor #ImSerious

I miss the free spirit. #bachelor

Where’s the hippie girl when you need her – someone go out to the field, she’s prolly making laniards. #bachelor

Hey Juan Pablo, stop trying to make K-Pop happen. #Bachelor

I’m scared if Camila actually watches this show. #bachelor

“She’s sexy. She’s hot. Her teeth, her lips.” Juan Pablo: helpless before a woman who says she just barfed. Men. I don’t get them. #Bachelor

“Its a proven fact.”
”Who said that?”

On tonight’s #Bachelor, Juan Pablo visits South Korea. Will Juan of the girls be his Seoul mate? 

Yeah, I’d unfollow me after that one too.

I might need to see someone break a chair over Clare’s head at some point. #Bachelor

These chicks’ nail polish choices are almost as bad as their life choices. #Bachelor

Clare says she “threw up in her mouth” proving she’s both disgusting and a hack writer. #Bachelor #FirstUsedinDODGEBALLForFucksSake

Sharleen is the DaVinci Code of #bachelor contestants. She’s interesting, but nobody really understands what’s going on.

If we let him speak Spanish, can we get through this Rose Ceremony faster? I wanna watch Castle! #bachelor

Some of them now- the way they say “Juan Pablo” -you feel like for sure one day they will murder him in a jealous rage #Bachelor

imageBye Bye Lauren S. Now we’ll never know… well, anything about you since you made zero impression on everyone. But bye! #Bachelor.

imageElise the First Grade Teacher – was she the one last week who was a bitch? haha see what I did there. #Bachelor.

Elise doesn’t want to be around ugly negative people. But as a loser on a reality show doesn’t that just make her ugly, negative and also not very smart? #Bachelor

Elise: “What could another girl have that I didn’t… An ability to walk on cobblestone in heels and a Bebe dress? Sure. FINE! #Bachelor

Is Elise walking funny because she cold, can’t handle cobblestone in heels, or both? #Bachelor

“There comes a point where you do have to be a little selfish.” And that point begins when I wake up and NEVER ENDS. #Bachelor

Its not over until the opera bitch sings #bachelor

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