The 2014 Golden Globe Awards #RedCarpet Pre-Show – Your Top Tweets #GoldenGlobes

A pregnant Kerry Washington is a flawless Kerry Washington. #GoldenGlobes

People are live tweeting the #GoldenGlobes red carpet?  Does that mean I can live tweet the gopher digging up my plants in the yard?

If you’re looking for Joan and Melissa Rivers, E! has them interviewing tourists and undergrads hanging out at Starbucks on Highland this year.  #GoldenGlobes #sorry

I don’t understand why my mother keeps asking, “Did they show Christine Lahti yet?” #GoldenGlobes

Chris Pine’s beard makes him look like Jack Osbourne – #GoldenGlobes

@GiulianaRancic is wearing $3,000,000 worth of jewelry. I’m wearing $5 sweatpants. I win. #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet

Amy Adams has stole my unwashed hair laundry day vibe. #GoldenGlobes

my boyfriend just said, “Amy Adams looks really good for being pregnant,” which she isn’t. #GoldenGlobes

I miss Bradley Cooper’s perm #GoldenGlobes

Based on Twitter, everyone is watching #RyanSeacrest, and no one is watching Matt and Savannah #GoldenGlobes

imageAwkward Bradley Cooper-Leo man hug “Love your work, man!”  They’ve clearly never met.  #GoldenGlobes

Leo followed by Bradley Cooper. Must see tv. Must touch myself tv. #GoldenGlobes #RedCarpet

MAN BUN! Jared Leto. #GoldenGlobes

Is that Ross the Intern gonna critique other people’s fashion. Cuz he looks like Fatty Arbuckle in the tux that fit him in 2010. #GoldenGlobes #FahionPoliceSHouldPoliceThemselves

Julia Roberts wearing her “I’m tolerating you” face with Ryan Seacrest. Actually, she always has that face #GoldenGlobes.

Sofía Vergara’s boobs have arrived! #GoldenGlobes

I love Melissa McCarthy – the fatter she gets the more famous she gets #GoldenGlobes

“That is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve heard.” – Jennifer Lawrence on her hair being news #GoldenGlobes

Jimmy Fallon being nerdy and surprisingly unfunny – get ready for 5 nights a week @11:30 #Goldenglobes

Drew Barrymore has a photog book coming out now? Good god, if you’re famous you can market ant farms and idiots will buy it. #Goldenglobes

Jennifer Lawrence is about to tickle Taylor Swift… or kill her. I vote for the kill. #GoldenGlobes

Jennifer Lawrence is gonna push T Swift fight off that platform. #GoldenGlobes

Grammy bitch, move aside… there’s an Oscar winner behind you. #GoldenGlobes

I’m always impressed by Taylor Swift on the red carpet, until someone who’s you know, talented shows up behind her. #goldenGlobes

Jennifer Lawrence just won away Twitter, the same way she just won away the spotlight from TaylorSwift. #goldenglobes

I hate Jennifer Lawrence’s dress, but I love it on her… because she is everything. #GoldenGlobes

Jennifer Lawrence’s publicist has both the hardest and easiest job in show business. #GoldenGlobes

Jennifer Lawrence falls down, jewelry falls off her. She’s like an Oscar-winning three year old.

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