Watching “The Sound of Music – LIVE” – Your Top Tweets – #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I’m so glad Carrie Underwood won #idol or that would have been Bo Bice playing Maria #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I’m just going to apologize now for my excessive tweeting during #TheSoundOfMusicLive. Now get over it. #sorrynotsorry

Hey West Coast, it gets worse. Also, Nazis.

Every time Captain von Trapp whistles, our German Shepherd looks at the tv #TheSoundOfMusicLive @nbc

So which one of these kids is going to flub first? #TheSoundOfMusicLive

It always gets me how Austria has a navy. #landlocked #TheSoundOfMusicLive

The real reason the Nazis lost was because they couldn’t find a family of 9 behind a potted plant #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Hope they rewrite #TheSoundOfMusicLive songs for today’s audience. Like “Do Re Mi Tho” and “Sixteen And Pregnant Going On MTV.” (Needs work)

Did no one just see Carrie trip down the hill? Those hills really are alive – watch out Carrie!

Stick around for the end of #TheSoundOfMusicLive to see which of the Von Trapp kids Nick Fury will recruit into The Avengers.

“Pretty sure these are One Life to Live sets.” – me #TheSoundOfMusicLive

It’s unclear what hashtag we’re using here. #SoundofMusicLIVE #TheSoundofMusicLIVE #SOML

Seriously, guys, what’s the hashtag we’re going with tonight? #SOML #SoundofMusic #TheSoundOfMusicLive #SoundOfMusicLive

Brigitta needs to be smacked in the face. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I wish I could get my boyfriend to answer to a whislte. #TheSoundofMusicLive

Prediction: Julie Andrews is openly weeping and Christopher Plummer is drinking heavily because of #TheSoundOfMusicLive. Or vice versa.

At least they didn’t screw up Frederick. He was hot in the movie, he’s hot in this. Yeah, I don’t care that I’m 43. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

8:33. Throwing in the towel. Can’t do it. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

So far this is the gloomiest musical ever. And we haven’t even got to the Nazis yet. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Can they auto-tune live or is that something added in later? #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Brigitta is a know it all. #TheSoundofMusicLive

At Tonight’s Performance, the Part of Maria Will Be Played by 



I’m under the couch, praying none of these kids trip down the Stairs Of Freaking Doom. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Just quoting the lines from “Do Re Mi” and posting it does not an interesting tweet make #TheSoundOfMusicLive #JustStopIt

I’m having some problems with this production, but my cat seems to be enjoying it. #TheSoundOfMusicLive.

Walmart just informed me they’ll be selling a sing-a-long cd of #TheSoundOfMusicLive. I know what we’re all thinking… they still make cds?

I hope Julie Andrews went to bed early tonight. Yikes. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

In the twitter TV Hate-A-Thon it’s #TheSoundOfMusicLive vs. #LizAndDick Game On!

You’d think as much as NBC hyped #TheSoundOfMusicLive they would’ve spent the money to make it not look like a Days of Our Lives episode.

Woo-hoo – a Rolf UPGRADE! Cause the one in the movie was a 6 at best. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Rolf, we say this with love: That outfit is not your friend. #TheSoundofMusicLive #SOML #SoundofMusic

What would happen if you played Dark Side Of The Moon simultaneously with #TheSoundOfMusicLive?

Yikes nice short pants Rolf #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Even in that silly outfit, I’d still let Rolf go to third base.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

The oldest daughters bf needs to go up a size in his pant things #notokay #notevenaurewhatyourewearing #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Liesl so thirsty. Girl knows how to flirt. She’s 16 going on slut. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

16 going on 17 is the blind leading the blind song. #yeahisaidit #thesoundofmusiclive

Ladies, if you’re in the woods and some dude in knickers starts singing about how young you are, RUN #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Rolf’s backside is one of my favorite things. Bodankodonk! #TheSoundofMusicLive

“@TheSoup: Bro she’s not even legal. Put some pants on. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

This would be a lot more fun if Leisl were played by Amanda Bynes circa July 2013. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

These kids are scared of thunder and lightening but not Nazis? I’m confused. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I cannot wait for Taylor Swift in “Mary Poppins: Mary writes hateful, post break up songs to Bert” #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Boy. You’re all really be pissed when Captain von Trapp exposes his fangs and drains everyone on stage… @TrueBloodHBO #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Keep waiting for someone to say “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” #TheSoundofMusicLive

No gazebo. No goat puppet show. At this point I’m just watching #TheSoundOfMusicLive to make sure the Nazis don’t win in this version.

No one is surprised that Friederich simply doesn’t know the choreography. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Boba Fett would really spice this up. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Singing solves everything! Get me healthcare, Maria! #TheSoundofMusicLive

I’ve never been so eager for the German army to put a stop to something #TheSoundofMusicLive

It’s still better than Leno.  #TheSoundofMusicLive

In the panic of whether or not there’d be marionettes, the world forgot that Underwood would have to also act. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I don’t care that it comes off dirty – that Frederick’s got it going on left, right and in between #TheSoundOfMusicLive

#TheSoundOfMusicLive – they should just stay in the Abbey and then we could have Sister Act 3.

This nervous Jew is the most realistic thing I’ve seen in this disaster #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Imagine if #TheSoundOfMusicLive threw some sharks, a tornado & an Ian Ziering in the mix. Twitter would have to take a sick day!

#TheSoundOfMusicLive would be wise to leave out the song with “so long” and “Farewell” in it – it will give the viewer ideas

Wait – how did she get back to the Abbey so fast – is it in the Von Trapp garage? #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Imagine how awesome #TheSoundOfMusicLive would have been with Muppets!

New ending for 2013 auds – Carrie locks the kids in the Abbey and shouts, “Welcome to the Hunger Games, brats!” #TheSoundofMusicLive

“If you love this man it doesn’t mean you love God any less!” That’s what the gays have been telling the GOP for years!  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I can sing higher than Audra – I just proved it in the den.  I can also make my boyfriend re-consider his choices!  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Of course, if I was caught singing “You are 16 going on 17” to Frederick, I’d get arrested.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Someone get Audra her own spin-off three hour live musical. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

“That’s nice, very nice… but it’s no good.”  When did my mother get asked to be a part of #TheSoundOfMusicLive?

Rolf is wearing lederhosen so tight I can see his fascist ideology, #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Yeah, Rolf’s a Nazi, but that booty tho  #TheSoundOfMusic

One thing this version’s staying true to – Gretta’s still dumb as a box of rocks.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Sandwiches, The Price is Right, unemployment checks… these are a few of my favorite things.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

The VonTrapps are kind of like an early Austrian Duggar family – amiright?

Song that wasn’t in the movie = bathroom break.  Smoke if you got ’em – #TheSoundOfMusicLive

America, THIS IS…. NAZI IDOL! #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Wow this episode of glee just got really dark #TheSoundOfMusicLive

“From Executive Producer Mel Gibson” #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Ballsy amount of swastikas on NBC right now.#TheSoundOfMusicLive

Geez you whiners – If you can’t handle the snark go to the Dakota Fanning Twitter. #TheSoundOfMusic

Somewhere Lindsay Lohan is slurring, “I could have, like totally, done that.”#TheSoundOfMusic

FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY is looking better all the time. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

This is the strangest True Blood episode yet.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I was hoping they’d at least update it enough to tell me how I could keep a wave upon the sand, but no.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

I was 16 going on 17 when this thing started.  Now I’m 43.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

So where do I find a woman that cooks cleans sings dances and will help take care of 8 kids that aren’t hers #TheSoundOfMusicLive

“It would be exciting to have a ship under me again!”  Damn Captain Von Trapp goes in for some serious kink.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

There better be nuns holding up auto parts soon.  That’s the whole reason I watched.  #TheSoundOfMusicLive

Oh Twitter… #TheSoundOfMusicLive was made for you.

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