Watching: Scandal – “A Door Marked Exit” – Your Top Tweets – #ScandalThursday #Gladiators #YourTopTweets

It’s #ScandalThursday – Twitter goes into ALL CAPS!

“Cyrus… I have committed a sin.” #ScandalABC aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

D’oh! The Christian nut job VP just killed Steven Carrington #2!  Alexis will NOT be happy! #ScandalFinale #Dynasty

Poor Steven Carrington – First Sammie Jo, and now this. #ScandalFinale

Now both the President and the Vice President are murderers! Way to unify the ticket!  #ScandalFinale

Sally… in the study… with the letter opener. #Scandal

Hey boys, good news!  SALLY’S ON THE MARKET AGAIN! 🙂 #ScandalThursday

If every straight woman-gay man marriage in DC ended this way there’d be nothing left there but fountains. #Gladiators #ScandalFinale #AskScandal

I use to want this show to be on cable but I need the commercials just to breathe! #ScandalFinale

“The thing about power – it’s always hard to accept when you lose it.” Same thing goes for car keys. #Gladiators #ScandalFinale

Oh SHIT Joe Morton just peeled the paint off the walls with that speech #Scandal

That man was bound to a chair and preached the unadulterated gospel of Fitz’s life!!! #ScandalABC #Scandal

Black men around the world hit that dougie after watching Daddy Pope call out Fitz’s white privilege! #Scandal #ScandalABC

“You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughters hand” yup. That’s what he said to the president. Casj #Boss #ScandalABC

James Novak was the kid that always reminded the teacher to assign homework. #ScandalThursday #Gladiators #ScandalFinale #AskScandal

Quinn’s dentist be all “Girl! Whatchoo been eatin’? #ScandalThursday #Gladiators

Yeah Quinn should re-direct the money she had marked for highlights and get on the phone with 1-800-DENTIST.  #ScandalFinale

@BellamyYoung -Episodes that do not feature Mellie in the first 3 minutes baffle me. #ScandalThursday #Gladiators #ScandalFinale #AskScandal

Oh Mellie – you could fry eggs in that feverish little brain of yours. #ScandalFinale

How did Mama Pope kill people in Mongolia and manage to steal one of Olivia’s coats in the process?

It’s a good thing Khandi Alexander a/k/a#MamaPope is not on Twitter. She woulda got her ass handed to her by some#Gladiators tonight.

So Beyonce just gonna put an album out on#ScandalThursday? #shade

Beyonce released an album on#ScandalThursday? Ch… Always tryna upstage somebody. ‘Rowan’ needs to put her ass in “the hole.”

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