Big Brother Eviction – August 22, 2013 – Your Top Tweets #BB15

If anyone came into my den right now, they’d see me glued to the set watching people whispering about things I don’t understand… on dirty sheets. #BB15

I seriously can’t understand anything Judd says – it’s like Charlie Brown’s teacher is one of the houseguests this season. #BB15

I didn’t realize Helen was 37. How can she be on this earth that long and be suuuuchhhhh a sucker! #bb15

If Andy’s neck zit gets any bigger it’s going to have to be recognized as a new house mate and be allowed to compete in challenges. #bb15

Can we finally address the fact that Andy dresses like a toddler? #bb15

#Elissa is trending worldwide! #BB15

Amanda’s not a bully because she’s honest. She’s a bully because she’s a bitch. #BB15

Every time I watch the opening of #bb15 I’m just reminded that once upon a time, there were cute guys in this house of flat faces.

In this entire season, I didn’t notice Judd had a back tattoo, and yet I know what Spencer’s dick looks like. WTF BB15? #bb15

Helen is an ugly crier. Old Faithful erupts more delicately. #bb15

I’ve come to realize that Andy is physically incapable of picking complimentary colors. #bb15

Mccrae acts like the dumb 13th apostle. #bb15

McCrae needs to lay off the weights. #BB15

I think people forget to nominate McCrae because they think he’s the janitor. #BB15

McCrusty is going to chew his entire hand off this week. Gross. #BB15

If McCrae accidentally shows armpit hair, I’m jumping into the pool with the couch tied around my neck. #BB15

Helen is out of the house – on the upside, her forehead is now available once again for billboard rental. #bb15

The ants are going to take over the kitchen now that Helen is no longer in the house ! #bb15

‘balls will be thrown at each houseguest.” no cast has deserved it more. #bb15

Balls in the face while getting sprayed. For Aaryn, it’s a Friday night. #bb15

“Launch balls at the Houseguests.” Something I thought I’d never be screaming to myself while watching #BB15. Fire away sirs.

Looks like the only shower McCrea has gotten in awhile. #BB15

“@DanGheesling I’m still expecting all of the Houseguests to go into the DR and just say “Bahhhh” instead of voting. #Sheep #BB15” Good one!

Amanda: “I can’t believe my boob is still throbbing”. Elissa: “My throat is throbbing!” This could go on all night. #bb15

I’m kind of Team McCrudd LMAO #mccrae #judd #bb15

The only way I can handle listening to Andy talk is when he’s WHITHPERING! #BB15

Oh dear lord between the ages of 22 and 28, I think I dated about 75 Andys. “I totally swear I totally won’t tell anyone blah blah blah!” #BB15

Whenever I have to look at Andy’s chest hair, I get up and kick my cat. #bb15

With that hair and generally unwashed look, McCrae is so physically unappealing… thank God he has a smoking habit! #Bb15

Watched Big Brother, now watching Big Brother After Dark – getting a cat would make me LESS pathetic #BB15

Don’t call me a loser because I’m bashing the same 2 of the house mates – if they move the camera, I’m willing to insult them all! #BB15

I kind of apologize to people who follow me who are Big Brother fans. Now you know how I feel with #BreakingBad!! #BB15

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