The #Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock FINALE – Your #TopTweets: August 5, 2013

If there is a God in heaven, there won’t be a poem.

LOL What is “Bachelorette Nation!” u ask? It’s 43 divorcees with overly-processed hair and bad necklaces. #Bachelorette

Three-hour #Bachelorette  finale tonight? OH GOD NO… THE TWEETS

Nothing makes me loathe twitter more than #bachelor / #bachelorette finale nights.

These people are all circus geeks.  #Bachelorette

Des should try dating on Craigslist #Bachelorette

Blah… blah…  journey…#Bachelorette

Once again, ABC wins and I lose. #Bachelorette #ratings

This #Bachelorette finale is ridiculous. “Next, we talk to some homeless people under a bridge and see if THEY think Des finds love.”

des looks like she’s about to get her first colonoscopy. #Bachelorette

*opens Twitter*
*scroll* #Bachelorette
*scroll* #SharkWeek
*closes Twitter*

Ladies Tweeting The ‪#‎Bachelorette‬ – learn the difference between “bawl my eyes out” and “ball my eyes out” which would resolve two very different ways.

Can we get a ruling on this: is it “Antee-ga,” or “Anteeg-wa?” #Bachelorette

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Madeleine Albright for next #Bachelorette

Girl needs to scrape the Brooks out of her eyes.#Bachelorette

The Des Waterworks Show is still going strong 40 min in. Can she make it the full 2 hours?? #Bachelorette

Ive been on job interviews that had more sexual tension than this. #Bachelorette

Drew toasts to being madly in love and Des responds with “we need to talk” #bachelorette

bye Drew – don’t let the gay door hit your ass on the way out… unless that’s what you’re into. #Bachelorette

Desiree went from being heartbroken to breaking Drew’s heart to sucking Chris’s face pretty quick. #Bachelorette

But Chris is so boring. He’s like the white crayon in the 64 pack. #Bachelorette

It would be funny if they changed the words under Chris’ name from “Mortgage Broker” to “Rebound Guy”

“Well you’re actually my second choice, but I guess I can love you.” -Des

Chris is cute and all but he looks like Steve from Blues Clues. And he likes to rhyme. #Bachelorette

If Chris was the only guy left, I’d try forcing it too. #Bachelorette

The difference between Des’ feelings for Brooks and Chris is like the difference between America’s feelings for “Cheers” and “Wings” #Bachelorette

Drink until you love him or, until he starts looking like Brooks. #Bachelorette

here comes the brother!! #Bachelorette

Snipers off-camera have tranq darts trained on Des’ brother. #Bachelorette

“Why should Des choose you?” We’ll because I’m the only one left…. #Bachelorette

Why does Des listen to her brother??? He has a hand tattoo!!!! #bachelorette

Desiree’s brother’s arm tattoos would make a glorious sofa pattern! #Bachelorette

Does Desiree’s brother ask all these questions because he loves Des or does he just relish being a prick? #Bachelorette

Is Des’ mom Des’ dad in a wig? #Bachelorette

I think I’m the only one on team Chris #Bachelorette

Plz have her say no to this dude then have Brooks drop in off a helicopter like Black Hawk Down… #Bachelorette

Please tell me I’m not the only one wondering if Chris’ proposal will rhyme. #Bachelorette

If chris’ proposal rhymes I’m jumping over my balcony. #Bachelorette

Please let Des say, “I Des, take you, Rachel…” #friends #Bachelorette


This is awful. How does this work out after last week?? #bachelorette

ABC you couldn’t write better drama #Bachelorette

“I was so in love with Brooks that I never noticed you. But he’s gone now so let’s marry.” #wut #Bachelorette

I did not consent to this. #Bachelorette

I dont mind Des. But this was a really bad season. I mean the guy who wrote poetry won. #Bachelorette

OH MY GAWDDDDDDD @RealitySteve WAS WRONG #Bachelorette

Wow what an amazing love story – they both look like they wanna kill themselves! #Bachelorette

Oh I get it… she didn’t KNOW she loved Chris. So I probably just don’t KNOW I love cooked cabbage! #Bachelorette

She wants to marry a completely different dude now. No big deal. That’ll never come up in a fight. #Bachelorette

“Well this relationship sure seems like it will last!” said no one. #Bachelorette

She wanted Slater, but she’s taking Screech. @Bachelorette

#bachelorette “Yes, a thousand times!” Oh this relationship has SAILED!

“WE WERE ON A BREAK!” – Brooks. #Bachelorette

You know what the worst thing about this is… He’s given hope to all the lame poets out there #Bachelorette

To chris:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The other guy dumped her
So I settled for you

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