The Cat-chelor: And The Winner By Your Votes Is….

If you’re one of nearly 1,000 people who cast a vote in The Cat-Chelor, I want to thank you for helping make my mind up for me.

And if you’re one of those throuble-makers who voted for Feral Darryl over and over, I especially want to thank you for finally finding something else to do.  He was in the lead for a good 36 hours.  I was growing worried for my future.  While I certainly didn’t want to circumvent the democratic process, I also didn’t want to spend the next 15 years living inside a suit of chainmail.

Your votes decided it, so click through to see who I brought home.

It’s Kalista!

Here’s the official bio from her press release:

Kalista is as sweet as they come.  She is very gentle, and there does not appear to be a mean bone in her body.  When she looks at you with her large, soft eyes it is difficult to resist petting her and giving her love. She is sometimes a little reserved, preferring a comfortable ledge or cat tree to being the center of attention.

Kalista came from one of Best Friends Los Angeles’ semiannual adoption events. At these events, many cats are brought from high-kill rate shelters as a last ditch effort to get them into loving homes.  When Kalista was among one of the cats left at the end of the day, we stepped in and took her so that she would not have to return to the shelter to an almost certain death sentence. 

Michael and I were won over by Kalista from the first visit.  While the young male cats were climbing all over us and trying to claim all our attention, she quietly waddled over and sat by our feet until we noticed her.  Michael pointed out that she was the only female cat to make a move on us.  A couple of the males took some swats at her, but she humbly stood her ground.  How could we not give in?

She’s nine years old and had been at the shelter for a long long time, patiently waiting for someone to come and rescue her.  It took her a few days to get comfortable having an entire home to herself.  I expect she kept waiting for another cat to spring out from behind a door and tackle her.  She’s slowly venturing around the pad now, but nine out of ten searches will wind up either locating her under the box spring or buried in my blankets. Haphazardly tossing my computer bag on the bed is no longer an option.

And she hates Michael as you can see.

There’s still one final step.  I need to come up with a new name. “Kalista” was arbitrarily assigned to her.  I don’t think it suits her.  I’ve been pitched some options and they’re presented below with a few Michael and I have stormed up ourselves.  Vote for your favorite, or add your own!

But before you do that, consider rescuing a pet from a shelter. There’s lots of older ones just looking for companionship and a warm place to sleep who won’t cause a big ruckus.  If you can’t adopt, there are lots of non-profit organizations devoted to saving homeless or abandoned cats and dogs.  They will always welcome a donation.  Here’s a place for you to start.

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One thought on “The Cat-chelor: And The Winner By Your Votes Is….

  • April 2, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    You gonna name your cat BACON? I appreciate that you are a foody, but that is a non-starter my friend.

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