The #Bachelor Sean Lowe – After the Final Rose – Recap #YourTopTweets – March11, 2013 (ABC)

Drinking game: Drink every time @chrisbharrison says “all of America” #Bachelor

Sean has all these girls fighting over him and today a homeless guy asked me if I wanted some of his Doritos. #Bachelor is better than me.

This would be much more interesting if they had the guts to put up the snarky, yet wildly perceptive #bachelor tweets

Don’t hate the player #bachelor

Sean’s about to get pimp slapped #Bachelor

Lindsay handled it well… I’da cut that other bitch! #bachelor

Lindsay was a good sport. If it were me I would have shoved my shoes down his throat after he made me walk across a bridge in them, then dumped me #Bachelor

#Bachelor Sean dodged a bullet not picking Lindsay. That’s about 300,000 Youtube cat videos he’ll never have to watch now.

Lindsay says “you know” too much #Bachelor.

Lindsay as the next Bachelorette? “Blank… will you, you know, accept, you know, this rose… you know?” Pass #Bachelor

Come on, Lindsay it can’t be that bad. You’re getting paid to get dumped. If it were me, I’d be a fucking millionaire by now! #Bachelor.

Wait, so this #bachelor guy is marrying #WinnieCooper from the #WonderYears ?

Sean looks kind of like Macklemore #bachelor #amiright

Catherine is pretty but I can’t follow a single thing she’s saying. #Bachelor.

I swear Catherine blinks EVERY word she says!!!! #Bachelor

Sean talks about God and Catherine is chatty and giggly. They’re the next Jim and Tammy Faye. #BACHELOR

Ugh now they’re gonna get married on tv… oh Sean, I used to think you had dignity. #Bachelor.

The bachelor is an idiot marring that broad #bachelor #bachelorfinale.

I love how clear they are about getting married on tv, but when Chris asks if they’re gonna live together it’s all, “uh, uh uh…” #bachelor

I don’t like Catherine. I wish he’d proposed to the elephant. Or maybe a dead guy. #bachelor

Desiree is the new bachelorette. But I guess her bangs didn’t get offered a rose. #Bachelor

The only good thing about Desiree being the next Bachelorette is getting to see her crazy brother again. #sixpacksean #bachelor #ATFR

#well she doesn’t have Tiara’s sparkle, I’ll say that

I knew it was only a matter of time until Katie Holmes signed up. #Bachelor

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