2013 #AcademyAwards Red Carpet – Your Top Tweets #Oscars

“Viola Davis looks like a pile of whipped cream!  But Dole Whip.  She’s got a little tint to her, so she can’t just be Kool Whip”

“Channing Tatum and his wife are gonna have beautiful children.”
“Yeah but sometimes two positives make a negative so it could be a monkey baby.”

“Does anyone else think Amy Adams looks like she’s sick, angry or recently dumped?”

“Oooh.  Old ladies should NOT put their hands in the E! Mani Cam” #ERedCarpet

“Why did Charlize cut her hair like that? The dress is amazing, but she looks like Brigitte Nielsen.”

“When I look at Amanda Seyfried, I think she’d be a freak in the sack.” #Oscars

Gary: “What does Jennifer Hudson mean when she says, ‘Keep your lips in your purse’?”
Jodi: “She means her lipstick.”
Gary: “Why doesn’t she just say lipstick?”
Jodi: “‘Cuz she’s bitchin'”

Ryan Seacrest just errantly dissed Catherine Zeta Jones when she asked if he wanted her to to the E! Mani Cam. #ERedCarpet

Morgan: “Anne Hathaway’s dress looks like a five year old’s nighty.”

“naomi watts looks like she should be serving you cocktails on a space ship” #Oscars

How many seals had to die to make Nicole Kidman an Oscar dress? #ERedCarpet #Oscars

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