“Stars in Danger: The High Dive” (FOX) – Your Top Tweets #StarsInDanger

Some network exec lost at a poker game and as a result we get #StarsInDanger.

Is #StarsInDanger like “Best in Show?” This can’t be for realz. Is Fred Willard gonna pop out?

#starsindanger This is a real show? Unemployed ‘stars’ doing belly flops?”

#starsindanger could very well be the #jarjarbinks of #realitytv

#StarsInDanger Jumping off of a 5ft. diving board? Not Impressed. Reciting their IMDB catolog while being #SetOnFire? Slightly impressed.

If JWoww hits the pool at just the right angle, she will emerge from the water with her old face #StarsInDanger

Commentator: “When JWow, makes her mind up there’s no stopping her.”  JWow: “I’m not going to dive.” #StarsInDanger

JWow: “I can’t perform tonight.” Perform?  It’s diving.  You stand on the end and fall in, and you can’t even do that?  #StarsinDanger

People are congratulating JWoww on twitter… for not doing anything on #StarsInDanger

We gotta brutha and a girl with one arm in a synchronized diving competition. Only in America. #StarsInDager

I don’t understand this #starsindanger show. This is danger? Do Highway Frogger, then we’ll talk.

#starsindanger The only thing that would make this better is if honey boo boo was tossed off the top

Waiting to see the show “Child Stars In Danger” where Casey Anthony babysits them for a weekend. #starsindanger

Dang this has Kim Richards on a high dive. I misread it. I thought it said KEITH Richards on a high dive.

Nothing like a Kim Richards diving in a ponytail and full make-up.

That counts as a dive? Girlfriend just jumped in with her arms up. The commentator said, “wow, she jumped REALLY VERTICALLY!” #StarsInDanger

Kim Richards dive was called the “Straight Jump Forward?” I have to do that to get into the elevator every morning. #StarsInDanger

I actually thought she gave up on the dive only to realize that WAS the dive. #StarsInDanger

How in gods name is this show going to go on for another 90 minutes? #starsindanger

“she’s going to go to the end of the board, bend over, and fall in” #starsindanger #stupidestshowever

Watching #StarsInDanger and every time it shows a clip of them face planting water I nearly throw up from laughing.

My kid just said Alexandra Paul has “a mean substitute teacher face.” #starsindanger

I really did think this Baywatch girl was Tilda Swinton for the whole episode. #StarsinDanger

The SNL writers are peeing their pants now. #starsindanger

#StarsInDanger has neither.

#StarsInDanger = FAIL.  The producers took it seriously and the “stars” made fun of it.  It’s supposed to be the other way round, idiots.

Well I guess it wouldn’t have been FOX without them pretending to believe anyone took this seriously Host says”WhatAJourneyItsBeen” #StarsInDanger

Hands down, the best celebrity diving show ever on Fox tonight! #StarsInDanger

We’re this close to just throwing reality stars into battery acid for entertainment. #StarsInDanger

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