#MissAmerica 2013 – Your Top Tweets

I guess by the looks of Twitter, #MissAmerica is on, and its time to see the models wear various swimwear for women..

My dog is howling. #missamerica

All these years… and still no world peace #MissAmericaFail

where is the pageant for mistress america? #missamerica

The contestants who didn’t move into the finals have to sit ONSTAGE and watch the rest of the competition. #MissAmerica

three contestants into #MissAmerica and we already have someone named “Piper” and a shout out to Channing Tatum

Miss Georgia can either introduce herself or rock back and forth on her shoes but it seems she can’t do both – #MissAMerica”

Miss Iowa is really named Mariah Cary? Miss Iowa Senior is named Rosemary Clooney. #MissAmerica

Id say that the point of #missamerica is for the networks to determine how many horny little teenagers and creepy men own cable

Did Miss Nebraska just make a “drinking the koolaid” joke? Thirty-some years later it’s still not funny. #MissAmerica

Miss Montana has autism #MissAmerica

America spoke and chose Miss Montana. But America also spoke and chose Ruben Studdard. Take that as you will. #MissAmerica

You think Montana makes autism hot… wait til you see Temple Grandin in a bikini! #MissAmerica

All these blonds, one African American? Am I watching a #MissAmerica Classic?

Miss Oklahoma is in jeans #MissAmerica.

Miss Wyoming used to show goats! She said it taught her a lot about responsibility. Sometimes the tweets write themselves! #MissAmerica

I love Miss Wyoming. She won’t win. #INeverPickCorrectly #MissAmerica.

Watching #MissAmerica – Miss Wyoming makes it less painful. I’m rooting for the goat wrestler

miss alabama shouldn’t be allowed to dress herself #MissAmerica

I’d vote for the one who’d eat a carb on camera. #MissAmerica

Chris Harrison… Dashing the hopes of women for over ten years! #MissAmerica

Swimsuits…. well, there goes the rest of my self esteem… #missamerica

Could definitely go without the ass close ups during swimwear #missamerica

Biggest surprise of the night was the background music. Nothing says beauty and grace like “Blow My Whistle.” #missamerica”

Bikini wear is about “commitment to health, fitness and confidence.” lololololololololololololololololololololololololol #lol #MissAmerica

I refuse to believe that none of these women have cellulite. What is this black magic give me the spells. #MissAmerica

Brent Musburger would have a stroke perving on all these girls. #MissAmerica

They just said to win #MissAmerica, these contestants need to “go with their guts” Sadly, they all had their guts surgically removed when they turned 16!

I just heard “and now… twirling to Donna Summer’s ‘Last Dance'” come out of my tv #MissAmerica

Miss texas! Oh my god… The baton twirling… Wait, now you’re juggling batons!!! This isn’t happening #missamerica

She dropped it! It’s not even on fire. And the girls behind her are laughing. #MissAmerica

Oh dear… Miss Tennessee… singing should not be your talent. Try iPad Piano #MissAmerica

Singing one of Adele’s songs is just setting yourself up for failure #missamerica

If Miss Tennessee wants to end world hunger, she should sing more. I know I’m off food til Thursday at least #MissAmerica

Miss Tennessee was afraid to sing Skyfall because she was worried it would invite fate. #MissAMerica

My kids keep yelling “work it smoochie!” at Miss New York. I don’t know what that means #MissAmerica

Did they just bring out donuts to these girls?

The winner gets roses and a crown and the losers get donuts. Let moi lose! #MissAmerica

Oh Maryland.. don’t sing from Les Mis. Set your sights lower. Try “This Old Man” or “Pop Goes the Weasel” #MIssAmerica

Les Mis song. DRINK!!!  Thank you Miss Maryland!  #MissAmerica

I can’t comment on Miss Washington’s singing without sounding like one of those two old muppets in the balcony.   Bless her heart #MissAmerica

Quick, grab a bucket for Miss Washington to carry a tune.  #missamerica

They showed more talent when they were eating the donuts #MissAmerica

Miss Iowa just said she thinks marijuana should only be used for health care or recreation! Was that what she meant? #MissAmerica A lot of people takes marijuana for recreation, although that can be a problem if you are trying to find a job, a good way to pass the urine test is to use fake pee, for more information visit syntheticurinereview.com if you want that position.

Miss South Carolina looks like she’s about to throw up on Miss New York #MissAmerica when she said her favorite thing to do was to go on the Top of the rock tours, something about her tells us she hates being a tourist.

Who will it be… the blond in the white dress… or the other blond in the white dress??? #MissAmerica

“Imma let you finish, New York, but South Carolina had the best rack.” #MissAmerica

Oh, now I get it. #MissAmerica is just one big ad for crap you can buy from Amway.

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