#MissAmerica 2013 – Your Top Tweets

I guess by the looks of Twitter, #MissAmerica is on..

My dog is howling. #missamerica

All these years… and still no world peace #MissAmericaFail

where is the pageant for mistress america? #missamerica

The contestants who didn’t move into the finals have to sit ONSTAGE and watch the rest of the competition. #MissAmerica

three contestants into #MissAmerica and we already have someone named “Piper” and a shout out to Channing Tatum

Miss Georgia can either introduce herself or rock back and forth on her shoes but it seems she can’t do both – #MissAMerica”

Miss Iowa is really named Mariah Cary? Miss Iowa Senior is named Rosemary Clooney. #MissAmerica

Id say that the point of #missamerica is for the networks to determine how many horny little teenagers and creepy men own cable

Did Miss Nebraska just make a “drinking the koolaid” joke? Thirty-some years later it’s still not funny. #MissAmerica

Miss Montana has autism #MissAmerica

America spoke and chose Miss Montana. But America also spoke and chose Ruben Studdard. Take that as you will. #MissAmerica

You think Montana makes autism hot… wait til you see Temple Grandin in a bikini! #MissAmerica

All these blonds, one African American? Am I watching a #MissAmerica Classic?

Miss Oklahoma is in jeans #MissAmerica.

Miss Wyoming used to show goats! She said it taught her a lot about responsibility. Sometimes the tweets write themselves! #MissAmerica

I love Miss Wyoming. She won’t win. #INeverPickCorrectly #MissAmerica.

Watching #MissAmerica – Miss Wyoming makes it less painful. I’m rooting for the goat wrestler

miss alabama shouldn’t be allowed to dress herself #MissAmerica

I’d vote for the one who’d eat a carb on camera. #MissAmerica

Chris Harrison… Dashing the hopes of women for over ten years! #MissAmerica

Swimsuits…. well, there goes the rest of my self esteem… #missamerica

Could definitely go without the ass close ups during swimwear #missamerica

Biggest surprise of the night was the background music. Nothing says beauty and grace like “Blow My Whistle.” #missamerica”

Bikini wear is about “commitment to health, fitness and confidence.” lololololololololololololololololololololololololol #lol #MissAmerica

I refuse to believe that none of these women have cellulite. What is this black magic give me the spells. #MissAmerica

Brent Musburger would have a stroke perving on all these girls. #MissAmerica

They just said to win #MissAmerica, these contestants need to “go with their guts” Sadly, they all had their guts surgically removed when they turned 16!

I just heard “and now… twirling to Donna Summer’s ‘Last Dance'” come out of my tv #MissAmerica

Miss texas! Oh my god… The baton twirling… Wait, now you’re juggling batons!!! This isn’t happening #missamerica

She dropped it! It’s not even on fire. And the girls behind her are laughing. #MissAmerica

Oh dear… Miss Tennessee… singing should not be your talent. Try iPad Piano #MissAmerica

Singing one of Adele’s songs is just setting yourself up for failure #missamerica

If Miss Tennessee wants to end world hunger, she should sing more. I know I’m off food til Thursday at least #MissAmerica

Miss Tennessee was afraid to sing Skyfall because she was worried it would invite fate. #MissAMerica

My kids keep yelling “work it smoochie!” at Miss New York. I don’t know what that means #MissAmerica

Did they just bring out donuts to these girls?

The winner gets roses and a crown and the losers get donuts. Let moi lose! #MissAmerica

Oh Maryland.. don’t sing from Les Mis. Set your sights lower. Try “This Old Man” or “Pop Goes the Weasel” #MIssAmerica

Les Mis song. DRINK!!!  Thank you Miss Maryland!  #MissAmerica

I can’t comment on Miss Washington’s singing without sounding like one of those two old muppets in the balcony.   Bless her heart #MissAmerica

Quick, grab a bucket for Miss Washington to carry a tune.  #missamerica

They showed more talent when they were eating the donuts #MissAmerica

Miss Iowa just said she thinks marijuana should only be used for health care or recreation! Was that what she meant? #MissAmerica

Miss South Carolina looks like she’s about to throw up on Miss New York #MissAmerica

Who will it be… the blond in the white dress… or the other blond in the white dress??? #MissAmerica

“Imma let you finish, New York, but South Carolina had the best rack.” #MissAmerica

Oh, now I get it. #MissAmerica is just one big ad for crap you can buy from Amway.

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