The #Bachelor Sean Lowe Recap – January 28, 2013 (ABC) – Your Top Tweets

Time to watch some thirsty hoes! #bachelorlor

So how about a gameshow, but instead of money, the prize is a rose and a rocky six week relationship? – #Bachelor pitch meeting

“I hate drama” – things people who LOVE drama say #Bachelor

I hate Tierra #Bachelor

“I hope Tierra wins the bachelor!” Said no one ever. #bachelor #sorryimnotsorry

Tierra has her eyes on the prize. She is here to win. #bachelor #golddigger

#Bachelor oh Tierra- I’m looking forward to your upcoming drama lol

“The #Bachelor – giving false dating hope to guys with RVs since 2002.”

#Bachelor Sean is in his underwear

So far this episode of #Bachelor is going well #ShirtlessSean #PantlessSean

Just because Sean takes his shirt off, it doesn’t make him any less boring. #BoringSean #Bachelor

Dear ladies who say, “girls don’t like me.” Repeat after me, “it’s because you’re a bitch.” I would know. #Bachelor

Oh c’mon, Selma is not 110 lbs. One boob is probably 60 lbs. #Bachelor

I thought I liked Selma. But now – not so sure. She’s not just a pretty face but she’s immediately bragging about her 110 pounds? #Bachelor

Not a big fan of Selma, but not cuz she’s born in Iraq… #bachelor

That girl’s an 8head. Two times bigger than a forehead. #Bachelor

Selma was born in Baghdad, Iraq. A city not much different than Bagdad, Florida. #Bachelor

Why does someone from Iraq pronounce it the same way Sarah Palin does?? #Bachelor #eyeRACK

If you’re gonna take the iraqi girl the desert, you might as well keep it real and launch a drone strike. #Bachelor

Never take me on a sweaty date #Bachelor

I gotta be honest. This date is boring and I’m just staring at Selma’s titties the whole time. #Bachelor

Selma claims she can’t kiss Sean bc her mom will be upset. I think it’s bc she watched Emily’s season and knows what she’s in for. #BachelorTONGUE

Wait, so someone who’s NOT ALLOWED TO KISS is on a TV show where you compete for a fake husband? #Bachelor #Selma

Roller Derby… chicks fall on their asses, over and over. God I love stupid tv! #Bachelor

Uh oh… An athletic date for the one arm girl. Bet we never hear the end of this… #bachelor

“I don’t think having one arm is gonna hold me back today!” *roller derby* “oh fuck…” #bachelor

The one-armed girl just said she’s gonna show Sean she can roll with the punches. Yep. As long as they all come from one side. #Bachelor

*cough* sympathy rose…

Takes a big man to make a one-armed girl do a roller derby. That’s a metaphor for Ty Corbin making the #Jazz play the Rockets. #bachelor

This is just mean. #bachelor

Oh and Tierra is just another Courtney. #bachelor

The other ladies are calling Tierra “Tierra-ble.” That is kind of awesome. #bachelor

This girl is crazy #bachelor

tierra, is that weird dimple on your forehead natural, or is it from your fall down the stairs to get sean’s attention? #bachelor

I want to fill Tierra’s forehead dent with onion dip. #bachelor #hungry

Eww, tierra snorts when she cries… #bachelor

Fun fact: Tierra was the last color left out of Crayola’s 1024 ct. box. #Bachelor

Tiera.. would you accept this rose, to keep up our ratings? #bachelor

“Who gets diamond earrings on their first date?!” The random girl the show picked to model the product placement item! #Bachelor

Sorry Leslie…. But ALL of those dresses were on the fugly list…. #bachelor

Leslie H literally has the biggest mouth I have ever seen ever… #bachelor

“Holy Moly!”…. “Super Duper!”….. OH, Leslie. Where did you come from? #Bachelor #CleverBachelor

“holy moly batman!”….. is that a thing? #stufflesliesays #bachelor #thisdateisnotreal

Oh honey, please. Take the diamonds and run. #bachelor

I’m kinda worried that someone is going to kill Leslie for that $500,000 necklace. But also vaguely excited to watch an attempt…#bachelor

It’s the Pretty Woman date – for every chick who’s ever wanted to be treated like a hooker

“Sean is definitely a young, blond, blue-eyed Richard Gere.” In other words, nothing like Richard Gere. #Bachelor

Leslie has decided that she’s only going to get married once. That’s great. #bachelor

Poor Leslie is already in the friend zone and has no clue #bachelor

He holds the rose in her face… and then doesn’t give it to her. Why didn’t he just kick her chair out from under her? #Bachelor

Is he going to pick up the rose but not give it??? Ack! Then she has to take the necklace off! Ack. Ack. Ack. #bachelor

Gimmee back my diamonds loser. #Bachelor

I have to pick up the check now too? HOLY MOLY! #bachelor

The awkward moment where your boyfriend dumps you & then asks for the jewelry back. #bachelor #leslie

I hope that sofa gets a rose. It’s stunning. #bachelor

Every time I look at the room for the rose ceremony, all I can see is Aladdin and Jasmine having their honeymoon sex. #Bachelor #TackySet

It’s down to the final rose – will it be the blond girl I don’t know or the girl with the unfortunate make up? #Bachelor

It seems like some of these girls have professional makeup artists and some, y’know… don’t. #Bachelor

Did Amanda make out with a jelly jar just before the rose ceremony? #Bachelor

Bye bye Amanda – now we’ll never know what a “Fit Model” is

That’s what you get for wearing black lipstick medusa #BACHELOR

If I were on the #Bachelor I’d throw a rose off the roof of a building & see which one jumps off after it! #TrueLove

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, the #Bachelor is dumb, and now so am I for watching it…

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