The 2013 Golden Globe Awards – Your Top Tweets #GoldenGlobes

This is boring already #GoldenGlobes

The #GoldenGlobes is fun in the moment, then instantly forgettable… the Happy Meal of Awards Shows

People are live tweeting #GoldenGlobes? Just for that I’ll be live tweeting farm reports

Someone call 911 – Nicole Kidman has OD’d on Botox.  #Goldenglobes

Lea Michele’s spray tan is borderline racist. #GoldenGlobes

Meanwhile, #Syria isn’t trending. #GoldenGlobes

I don’t like indian movies – sorry #goldenglobes

I asked my boyfriend if I was prettier than Julianne Moore.  He said I was prettier than Dudley Moore. #NoSexTonight  #Goldenglobes

I’m mystified as to how women manage to pull their boobs so far apart on awards night. #goldenglobes

I think Josh Brolin is conservative… am I allowed to like him less now? #GoldenGlobes

Amy and Tina KILLED the opening. #GlodenGlobes

Woah I never found Tina Fey hot before.  Now I can’t stop thinking of all the pervy things I could do with a facial scar #GoldenGlobes

Oh man Jodie Foster in the same table as Mel Gibson…Jodie it’s okay…you finished Silence of the Lambs…stop researching #goldenglobes

First finger-to-lips kiss blow from audience to winner on stage goes to Tarantino #GoldenGlobes

Don’t hate me but if Christoph Waltz came up to me with a sticker on his lapel that says “Hi My Name is Christoph Waltz,” I would still have no idea who he is.  #GoldenGlobes

Julie Bowen just leaned over and camera-bombed Sophia Vergara. #GoldenGlobes

What is Downtown Abbey? A show about inner city nuns? #GoldenGlobes

Is it creepy if I transfer my life-long crush on Michael J Fox to his son Sam? #GoldenGlobes

Are we sure Michael J. Fox’ son isn’t just past Michael J. Fox in the future? #HarkGlobes #GoldenGlobes

Why does Julianne Moore always look like she’s going down a roller coaster #GoldenGlobes

Julianne hasn’t won a Golden Globe since Short Cuts? Hollywood sucks #GoldenGlobes

take a drink every time a celebrity tries to fancy themselves up when they say Les Mees-Ay-RAHBLE-ESS! #Goldenglobes

No one cares about a composer’s cinematic journey. #movealong #wrapitup #GoldenGlobes

Adele makes everything sound dirty when she talks.

Adele wins, and Taylor Swift looks none too happy about it #Goldenglobes

Oh please Taylor swift, write a moody song about losing the golden globe to Adele! #GoldenGlobes

TOmmy Lee does not find Wiig and Ferrell funny #GoldenGlobes

Tommy Lee Jones looks like he wants to kill someone. #GoldenGlobes

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig should have their own show but only if Tommy Lee Jones is also in it. #GoldenGlobes

Why does Anne Hathaway remind me of someone all the teachers in school love but none of the other students do? #GoldenGlobes

There’s not a documentary category on the #GoldenGlobes is there? Because Anne Frank has more Oscars than anyone.

Sly and Arnold and presenting best Foreign Film. They’ve also traded steroids for Botox #GoldenGlobes

Wow, Ahnold is sure squinting a lot! #GoldenGlobes

Also foreign to Stalone and Arnold…having a neck #GoldenGlobes

It’s 2013 – why do i STILL have to hear about My So Called Life? #LetItgo #GoldenGlobes

Claire Danes Speeh – Emmy-nominated for most “um”s #GoldenGlobes

Sacha Baron Cohen is wasted. #goldenglobes

I don’t know who this person is, but he looks like my driver’s ed teacher #GoldenGlobes

Oh look. Zooey De-sha-what’s her face looking awkward and pixie-ish. What were the odds? #goldenglobes

Look the girl who was president of every Audio-Visual club in the 1990s just won a #GoldenGlobe

I don’t know who this woman is, but I’m pretty sure in 20 years we’re gonna look back at this #GoldenGlobes win the same way we do at Pia Zadora’s

I’m glad I’m DVR’ing the #GoldenGLobes because I think I liked Jodie Foster’s speech but i didn’t understand it, so I have to watch it again

Is Jodie foster on bath salts or something #GoldenGlobes

I love how true Jodie Foster is to herself. Best speech of the night #goldenglobes

This is the weirdest speech ever. #GoldenGlobes

Did Jodie Foster just come out or say she was gonna start making dog whistles? #GoldenGLobes

So Jodie Foster just “came out” as a vague drunk person? #GoldenGlobes

Jodie Foster best coming not coming out ever! @Lesbicanarias #GoldenGlobes

Kudos to NBC for allowing Jodie Foster the uninterrupted time to say what she had to say. #GoldenGlobes

I’m crying over Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech too — because it was beautiful and because I actually understood none of it. #GoldenGlobes

If I was gonna come out I’d get drunk first too. Oh hold on, that’s actually what I did! #GoldenGlobes

Wow everyone was standing for Ben Affleck #respect #goldenglobes

I don’t even like Ben Affleck but I’m happy for him. I loved Argo. #GoldenGlobes

You guys, don’t listen to Hugh Jackman. Get your flu shot. #GoldenGlobes PSA

If they wrap it up soon, I am going to be Les Miserable. #GoldenGlobes

Yes! Jessica Chastain! Congrats! She seems like the nicest lady EVER! #GoldenGlobes

Jessica wins Best Speech on the night. #GoldenGlobes

Little known fact: Zero, Dark and Thirty are my three favourite levels of sunscreen. #GoldenGlobes

Daniel Day Lewis I drink your milkshake! #goldenglobes

Hopefully the #GoldenGlobes inspires a reality TV show that’s just #TinaFey and #AmyPoehler messing with a room full of drunk people.

if someone dropped a bomb on the #GoldenGlobes venue, we’d be left with David Hasselhoff.

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