Betty White Knows the Secrets of C.S.I. and now YOU CAN TOO!

I’ve been saying this for months too! See my write-up on the Castle episode, “He’s Dead, She’s Dead.”

The Casillas mother and daughter act make a return appearance to the Interrogation Room where the lovely Paula is confronted with the fact that Mason’s is located just around the corner from Vivien’s office, as well as a receipt that proves the bottle of wine Paula claimed to duck out of the restaurant to purchase (the restaurant was so new it had not yet obtained its own liquor license), had in fact been bought much earlier in the day, along with an ice pick. Might be able to explain away the wine, but buying a brand new ice pick at the same time? Paula might as well have written “Remember to slash Vivien’s neck today” into her day planner.

And not to ruin any chances at future rolls for her, but when you see Bess Armstrong listed as a guest star, you should pretty much assume that being the awesome actress she is, she’s gonna get the meatiest guest role, which means she is most likely your guilty party. No one else is gonna do it better.  Had she popped up once or twice more in the episode, I might have been thrown, but it’s Bess Armstrong for God’s sake.  I remember standing in line to buy my ticket for High Road to China.  If she didn’t turn out to be the murderer, I would have felt robbed.

Takes all the fun out of it, being as smart as I am.

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