Phyllis Diller in Stop-Motion, Singing “You’re Different!” From Mad Monster Party

When I pre-interviewed Phyllis Diller over the phone for her appearance later in the week on GSN Live, I told her that I knew all the lyrics to her song, “You’re Different,” from the 1967 stop-motion animated film Mad Monster Party. She laughed and said, “Well, you’ll have to sing it for me.” Though that may have just been a polite remark on her end, I took it far more seriously. When Phyllis Diller asks you to sing for her, you do it.

So in between segments, I ran over to where she was seated on the set, leaned down, cupped my hand against her ear and sang her the first two verses as quietly and as quickly as I could. I was met with a giant trademark Phyllis cackle, and when I finished she placed my hands between hers and said, “Thanks for the memory.” One of my favorite television producer moments, and one I intend to share with everyone willing to lesson until my dying day.

Check out the song below. Then be sure to go sing it to someone you love and admire.

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One thought on “Phyllis Diller in Stop-Motion, Singing “You’re Different!” From Mad Monster Party

  • August 21, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    Lucky you. I’m sure you were a delight to her too. She will be missed as a great lady.

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