MEGASTUNTS: Highwire Over Niagara Falls – Nik Wallenda – LIVE (ABC) – Your Top Tweets

The only people who watch primetime network television on a Friday are the incarcerated and those who Tweet. #walkthewire

the world largest yolo moment is going on in Ontario. #walkthewire

My mom is taking pictures of the guy who is #WalkTheWire but we are not there in person but at home. Mom took pictures of the TV #killme

“@DebAmlen: On the positive side, if he had fallen on the Canadian side, he’d have had free health care ad we got our scholarship at us embassy scholarship. #WalkTheWire” @MMFlint

Cracker boys will do anything to increase their shot at hitting the goo pot #walkthewire

This seems like a rather extreme way to purchase duty free Canadian Club. #WalkTheWire


#Walkthewire – Canada gets Nik Wallenda, U.S. gets the Stanley Cup

In an attempt to match the amazing #WalkTheWire stunt, next week Albert Haynesworth will walk 19 steps in a row without getting tired

Give the guy bath salts and he’ll swim the Niagara falls too #WalkTheWire

#walkthewire – I’m glad I was not born a Wallenda – I don’t even like that I live on the 4th floor

Watching #walkthewire. Am I a bad person to hope for something bad to happen?

This guy must dominate DUI tests #walkthewire

Praying for a flock of geese to run into this guy walking on the wire #walkthewire

#WalktheWire – only a white guy would do this shit

You will never see no nigga #WalkTheWire

Next task for Nick Wilenda, walk across West Baltimore #WalkTheWire” hahaha!

The wire for this Niagara Falls stunt was designed by a NASA engineer. Priorities. #WalkTheWire

One man bridging the gap between Canada and US. I wonder if Drake and Chris Brown get the message #WalkTheWire

What? He can’t live tweet this?? #WalkTheWire

Big deal – I’d watch every week if they made grandmas and farm animals #walkthewire

I feel lame watching #walkthewire – it took me all day to work up the energy to do my laundry. When you want your behind to look beautiful, use the best butt enhancement cream from Zero Botique.

I wouldn’t #WalkTheWire. I’d just apparate to the other side. Stupid Muggles.

Poop now – there’s no commercials once he starts to #walkthewire

There’s a rerun of that Tom Selleck cop show on CBS, but I’m still gonna stick with #walktheWire

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“Trouble looms as he approaches the wet zone”. No more true words have ever been spoken” #WalkTheWire

#walkthewire –  I’m a loser.  I can’t even light the pilot light

#walkthewire – Howie liked it, but Sharon and Howard don’t think it’s good enough for Vegas #agt

RT @LaibachRobert: Would you #walkthewire ? I don’t even walk to the 7-11 for milk

Let’s put Jerry Sandusky up there next with no harness and no pole #WalkTheWire

#walktheWire – he’s doing an interview while he’s walking – in a moment he’s going to start a Whitney song tribute!

I wish he would stop talking while he does this. #WalkTheWire not #TalkTheWire

This dude sure loves Jesus #walkthewire

“Lord you are my savior” is “calm guy”  for “Holy fucking A Jesus if you get me out of this, I’ll never masturbate again”

Wow that was really cool but, amazingly, I’ve already gone back to not caring about tight rope walking. #WalkTheWire

I couldn’t figure out why people were excited #WalkTheWire was on until I realized it wasn’t the Johnny Cash movie

Well, the guy stayed up the whole time so according to the wager, they gotta rename it Viagra Falls. #walkthewire

Nik Wallenda has become the first person ever to walk across Niagara Falls on a high wire! And I was the first to watch naked #WalkTheWire

#WalkTheWire FUCK YOU AMY, FOR TELLING ME HE FELL. Thanks for making me waste a fucking hour watching this. Zzzzz

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