Take Me Out (FOX) – June 7, 2012: Your Top Tweets – #TakeMeOut

I’m at Togo’s and they just put on #takemeout

#takemeout Just in case The Bachelor is too mentally challenging for you.

You know it’s bad when George Lopez is the best looking person on the stage #takemeout

What is happening on the television? Why is George Lopez presiding over it? This is an elaborate prank, right? #takemeout

The only reason #TakeMeOut is on the air is so they can market “Magic Mike” to chicks

#takemeout there are 25 dumb girls on this show

#TakeMeOut needs to paired with #GiveMeTheBong

If Chris Brown was on this they’d have to call it ‘knock me out’. #takemeout

#take me out – girls turn lights on and off… for an hour.

How great is that sound when the lights go off? Beeoh! #takemeout

“So let the hotdog see the buns” most ridiculous show ever. #TakeMeOut

I’m going to get crabs from watching #takemeout

Unless there’s a fire in my apartment complex I’m watching #TakeMeOut – Come on. fire!!

#takemeout @georgelopez interesting show do far….. Stuck up bitches!!

#TakeMeOut – every dating show has to have a girl named Mindy on it

#GoodLord #TakeMeOut – it’s a Mindy!

did Mindy just say her cat’s name is “meow meow meow meow”? Or just “meow meow meow”? #Takemeout

Okay that bubbly little blonde girl needs to be knocked the f out #takemeout

 #takemeout Can you change the show to an all Mindy format?

#TakeMeOut needs #MoreMindy

#TakeMeOut is totally embarrassing for all three sexes – men, women and Mindys

this guy is a fraggle #Eric #TakeMeOut

#takemeout – #takeEricOut behind the barn and shoot him

Finally a brother #takemeout

#takemeout – thank god finally a brutha

Mmm Alain is Yummyyy #takemeout

Omg! He’s Italian! #takemeout

Yo they got a black italian on #takemeout

#TakeMeOut found the best looking African American Guido Torpedo

Alain – #takemeout – only one girl turned off her light

these chicks aren’t lookin’ for “love”…they’re lookin’ for di**. the brother got 29 lights 1st round…c’mon? #TakeMeOut

Damn these white bitches on #TakeMeOut love Them Some Brother

#takemeout i will never admit to anyone ever that i watched this show. I won’t admit it next week either.

#Twitter was created for shows like #TakeMeOut

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3 thoughts on “Take Me Out (FOX) – June 7, 2012: Your Top Tweets – #TakeMeOut

  • June 21, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Oh, I love the tweet that says “Can you change the show to an all Mindy format?” Mindy is definitely the star, and even her appearance gets her a lot of attention. Just look at how George is looking at her in that photo. I won’t say I’m embarrassed that I watch this since my wife insists, but my co-worker suggested it two weeks ago (as a joke) and now I’m stuck watching.

  • August 7, 2012 at 12:50 am

    mindy is a loser stripper

  • December 10, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Can i be on take me out soon

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