The Choice (FOX) – June 7, 2012: Your Top Tweets – #TheChoice

#TheChoice – the dumbest thing to happen to the dating world since me.

Summer television is the networks’ way of saying “Go outside…it’s warm now.” #thechoice

#TheChoice – Chuck Barris just threw up on himself

#TheChoice – Americans make so much fun of shows like this when they’re called “Sabado Gigante”

I’m watching #TheChoice and it made me so dumb I already forgot what #TakeMeOut was about

Poor Cat Deely. She is holding herself together well considering what fox is putting her through. #thechoice

I’m pretty sure this is the most asinine thing I’ve ever watched. EVER! #TheChoice

We’re FOX – wrecking trains on prime time for a quarter of a century #TheChoice

Can’t the guys on #TheChoice get their own dates without a tv show? #WhoAreTheyAgain?

Did she just say spontanuity? #thechoice

Improving my vocabulary watching #thechoice. Spontenuity- jersey speak for stripper pole

And just because ur great great grandma was a prostitute in Florence that doesn’t make u “Italian” #thechoice

#thechoice is a REALLY dumb show!

I was feeling kind of bad for Pauly D…until he picked the stripper girl. #thechoice

Funniest thing ever when your grandma calls you at 930pm to see if you were watching @DJPaulyD on #thechoice

PaulyD has “lego head” #TheChoice

If Paully D was the only one to turn around for me I would leave the show #thechoice

#TheChoice Is One Of The AWKWARDEST Shows On Television.

No seriously, stop what you are doing and turn on #thechoice You will be horrified on oh so many levels.

RT @KylaGaler: #theChoice is my new favorite show!

Watching history: with #TheChoice television has officially hit rock bottom.

The skier and the actor are doing well, the DJ and the singer not so much; I can’t believe I’m live tweeting #TheChoice

I have to go to the bathroom – tell me what happens on #TheChoice becasue every moment is totally unique


Porn is less degrading to women. Making them wear a sash with Pauly D’s name on it? #justplaincruel #thechoice

I’m going to wear a sash tomorrow with my boyfriend’s name on it so he can pretend he’s a celebrity on #TheChoice

@ImekaSF Oh, you missed it when one of the dudes asked one of the girls to show him how she milks a cow. AND SHE SHOWED HIM. #thechoice

#thechoice show us how to milk a cow!!!

“amber… great job milking the cow”  That was just said on tv – thank you #TheChoice!

#thechoice is getting worse by the second

Man plus woman plus television plus bacon t-shirt = EVERLASTING LOVE. Thank you #TheChoice

#TheChoice – this show needs to add poison darts

If my boyfriend knew I was watching #TheChoice, I know what his choice would be – single.

I’m returning my #TheChoice sticker to #GetGlue

True love, kids. That’s how it’s done. #thechoice

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One thought on “The Choice (FOX) – June 7, 2012: Your Top Tweets – #TheChoice

  • June 8, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    This show is such a joke! One of the contestants on next week’s show has been in a relationship with an “actress” (using that word very loosely) for quite a while. He brags about it and flaunts it all over the place. Gag. Sickening. So fake.

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