The Choice (FOX) – June 21, 2012: Your Top Tweets – #TheChoice

I just accidentally watched #ThChoice on FOX…excuse me while I go eat batteries.

Watching #TheChoice and trying to figure out how to get my chair to turn around away from the television

What I would say if I were on #TheChoice: “I’m ugly, obese, and I hate men.”

The situation looks like popeye. #NW #TheChoice


Gotta be fair to the situation. He’s got a type, even when he can’t see them. #thechoice.

I don’t know how to tell you this, but the Situation got three girls to pick him first. #noreally #thechoice

Did Rocco just offer the girl “a bag of icing”??? #TheChoice

Women will do anything to get on tv… even claim that they’d date Taylor Hicks

Women are stoopid… #TheChoice and #MagicMike prove it… and John  Mayer

#thechoice hilariously terrible. Brief your celebs on the rules. Oh and don’t kill the hostess.

#thechoice briefing your celebs to not pay attention to the rules is the only way this show will survive

#TheChoice reminds of that scene in Taken where the men were bidding on prostitutes #SMH

They need to script this rapid Q&A part more – the delays and stuttering and “favorite color” questions have to go – #THeChoice

This girl just said if she could time travel to any time it would be the 1980s. Oh honey. #thechoice

This show is great!! #thechoice

This frikkn show is stupid #TheChoice

Dear Jessica on #TheChoice: you are answering questions for Mike The Situation… Not The Miss Universe Pagent… Eat a bowl of nails please

The winning girl goes on a dream date with their male celeb… apparently according to the tape piece its to a bowling alley to eat chili fries – #THEChoice

Dream Celeb Panel for #TheChoice – Carson Kressley, The Pregnant Man, Dudley from Diff’rent Strokes, The Night Stalker

The fact Taylor Hicks is on #theChoice makes me laugh and barf at the same time.

After tonight im Addicted to #thechoice … And I’m not proud of it.

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