America’s Got Talent: Goth Opera Singer Andrew De Leon Sings (VIDEO) #AGT

Nineteen-year-old make-up artist and Marilyn Manson fan Andrew De Leon wowed the judges and the crowd last night on America’s Got Talent.  After an hour filled with inflatable skipping pillow people and obese belly dancers, Andrew took to the stage as the final act of the night and stole the entire show with his flawless and completely unexpected operatic performance.

In response to the thunderous applause and standing ovation from judges Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, Andrew had only this to say: “I’m just so used to being rejected and I’m not really good at anything, so this is amazing.”
When asked by Stern if he’d ever performed in front of a crowd this big, Andrew shared that he’d never sung in front of anyone at all, including his own family. Said Stern, “And yet… you got up here and blew the roof of this joint!
See for yourself.  Check out Andrew De Leon’s inaugural television performance below.  It’s certain not to be his last.

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One thought on “America’s Got Talent: Goth Opera Singer Andrew De Leon Sings (VIDEO) #AGT

  • June 8, 2012 at 7:07 am

    I would say Andrew De Leon defiantly stole the show. I’m glad they saved the best for last and it made the whole show worth the wait. He has an amazing voice which I find hard to believe he never sung in front of anyone. I’ve been able to enjoy the last few episodes of Americas Got Talent commercial free using the Auto Hop feature.

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