Tv Food and Drink: Podcast #2 Featuring John Barry, Michael Kamen, David Arnold and the Music of 007 (Dedicated to Laura)

For those of you who like a little spirited action and romance themes to goose you into the kitchen and underscore you weekend beef bourguignon preparations, here comes nearly four hours of the best tracks from 40 years of James Bond music, reaching  back to 1964’s Goldfinger and shuffling all the way up to 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

This music also works well while you’re electrocuting Korean henchmen or sneaking onto a rocket with intentions to thwart a ego-maniacal billionaire’s plans to destroy the Earth with poison orchids and re-populate it with genetically perfect human specimens bred in outer space.

You can also play card games to it.

I made this especially for my friend Laura, who is currently scuba diving off the coast of Honduras in Utila on her birthday (March 31st). Love to you, Brassy!



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