The Bachelor 16-2: January 9, 2012 – Your Top Tweets

I play a fun #Bachelor drinking game. I watch the show and I drink wine whenever I feel like it.

How do these girls talk about being in love after 1 day? Ive been married 2 my husband for 4yrs & I’m still on the fence about him #bachelor

#bachelor… Run Ben Run!

My son just came in & wanted to see if #PBS #Nova Egypt’s Golden Empire or Fabric of the Cosmos are on tonight. But I’m watching #Bachelor.

if that slut girl with the bad earrings doesn’t get kicked off next week I’m going to be pissed. #bachelor

The insanity of this show can only be matched by size 6 Jennifer Hudson singing while accompanied by size 16 Jennifer Hudson #Bachelor

Ben hugs beautiful women like we hug that creepy uncle at Thanksgiving. #boringben #bachelor

My one #bachelor tweet of the night. Ben is NOT hot. He looks like a monkey.

#Date in Sonoma… the only place in the world where you’re allowed to bring up your dead dad on Date One #Bachelor

Tying to identify with a guy by sharing dead parent vibes doesn’t work. Trust me. I’m a homosexual #bachelor

Who thought a date in Sonoma would be interesting? #Bachelor

Sonoma?  Really?  They don’t even have the McRib yet. #Bachelor

#Bachelor for a second I thought they were gonna have their first date at the Sonoma Cheese Factory!

Can we get back to the mansion, #bachelor? Any minute now I expect to see Don Knotts fumble in and accidentally shoot himself in the foot

#Bachelor this Mayberry date is so boring – where is Gomer Pyle when you FINALLY NEED HIM?

#Bachelor Sonoma should sue this episode

Kaci B might be beautiful but she wore pajamas and twirled a baton on her first date. #bachelor

What exactly is a “VIP Cocktail Waitress?” #Bachelor

If you list your job as “VIP Cocktail Waitress” …you’re on the #bachelor

Asking Blakey to jog in slow-motion might be the single greatest thing a kid has ever said on TV. #Bachelor

Poor no boob chicks lol #Bachelor

OMG Blakeley is wearing a TRAGIC romper in front of children… #Bachelor

Blakely is easily in her mid-40s. Her breasts, however, are in their early teens. #Bachelor

Blakey is totally a future bunny boiler. #bachelor

True or False?: Blakely is the type of girl who pees on the toilet seat at a bar, shrugs and walks away. #bachelor

VIP COCKTAIL WAITRESS? Sooo… Hooker? #bachelor

Is ‘VIP cocktail waitress’ code for escort or something? #Bachelor

#Bachelor – VIP Cocktail Waitress = a vagina that accepts PayPal

When an 8-year-old is commenting on your cleavage, it’s time to rethink your #Bachelor group-date outfit … #JustSayin’

OK, that’s funny. “@nprmonkeysee: A man and twelve women is not a date. It’s a Busby Berkeley number. #bachelor”

Finally. It took over 45 minutes until we had a girl crying in the bathroom. #bachelor

#Bachelor “How’d that taste coming out of your mouth” – not the first time any of these woman have heard that

#Bachelor you know it’s a boring episode when you have time to remember you need to trim your nose hairs

#Bachelor this episode had better improve.. it’s all I have

#Bachelor – This episode is so g-rated.  Did Veggie Tales take over ABC?

#Bachelor oh dear Lord Little House on the Prairie had more titilation than this

#Bachelor this ep is dull. My mind is wandering – that never happens. “What would peanut butter taste like if I ate it off my feet?”

Ben should just forget all the girls and stick to the dog #bachelor.. Scotch is adorable

#Bachelor – Is Courtney stoned? Her eyes are spinning. Seriously, Roger Rabbit would hide her bong.

Courtney is gonna poison Scotch the 1st chance she gets. #bachelor” HA! It’s how she said “he’s like a baby” all murderer-y

Courtney is def gonna poison Scotch the first chance she gets. #bachelor

Thankfully Ben and Courtney won’t be together long enough to have long stringy haired babies with fat upper lips. #Bachelor

#Bachelor how does the bachelor always know where to find the girl crying inside the clothes hamper?

you KNOW it’s a bad episode when you’re happy to see Chris Harrison arrive to hold up one finger #bachelor

no wonder these women are crazy. Clock showed 2:04am and that’s before the rose ceremony #drunkandvulernable #bachelor

Its only episode 2 and bens finding out what its like to have 20 girlfriends all with their lady time. #bachelor

I have a headache. Thanks #bachelor

#Bachelor spoiler alert! Ben offers Brad Womack the final rose.

“this is the first time I have ever been attracted to a sheep…” #bachelor

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One thought on “The Bachelor 16-2: January 9, 2012 – Your Top Tweets

  • January 10, 2012 at 4:09 am

    These have made my morning. Every time I fall asleep in work while reading papers…I’m going to come back and read these.

    I think during next week’s bachelor I’m just going to tweet random ridiculous things with the bachelor hashtag. Make things more interesting. 😛

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