Bachelor Pad Finale: September 12, 2011 – Your Top Tweets (Hour One)

Bachelor Pad ABC Vegas#BachelorPad – which guy said “Vegas baby!” thus upholding the d-bag pledge of honor?

RT @TvFoodAndDrink: #BachelorPad – which guy said “Vegas baby!” thus upholding the d-bag pledge of honor? <– My money is on Kasey.

@lindsayhennig Actually I’m about to change the channel. I missed too many episodes, now I just want to kill them all #bachelorpad

#BachelorPad It’s not been rough for “Michael and I” It’s “Michael and me” well at least she didn’t say “Michael and I’s relationship”

my wife says “how do they keep them drunk enough to act like idiots but still be able to function?” cc: @garywhitta #bachelorpad

Bachelor Pad ABC Vegas Kirk Dewindt#BachelorPad I still have no idea who Ella’s partner is. The hot tub has had more dialogue this season

#BachelorPad Ella : “Ah em turrfied!”

How in the HELL has Kasey had sex with any woman EVER in the history of the planet? Seriously? #BachelorPad

those fingers touched Erica – you want em in your mouth? RT omg Im moving to SC so I can have Blake #BachelorPad as my dentist

#BachelorPad it’s not my first choice, but I”m glad to see kasey and vienna hanging from something

Kasey Kahl Vienna Girardi Bachelor Pad VegasI wasn’t planning on drinking a whole bottle of wine but Casey & Vienna made me do it. #losers #bachelorpad #bachelornation

Casey and Vienna on wires is like an acid flashback of The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound Of Music. #yodalame #bachelorpad

why are they dressed like gay chameleons on LSD? #Bachelorpad

If by “looking good” @chrisbharrison you mean “a box of melted crayons” then yes, they are looking good #bachelorpad

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Ella Nolan Bachelor Pad ABC Vegas
Bye bye Ella! Don’t have to hear your sad sob story any more! #bachelorpad

#BachelorPad that’s what you get for whoring your son, you loser!

#bachelorpad Back to the refrigerator box for you and your kid, Ella!

Bachelor Pad ABC Graham Bunn

When did Graham turn into a gangster? #BachelorPad

Why is that dude suddenly a southern black gentleman? Is that Hennessey in that glass? #Bachelorpad

#BachelorPad Graham is going back to Cali… Cali… Cali…

Bachelor Pad ABC Vegas  Kasey Kahl Vienna GirardiYes!!!!!! Casey and Vienna. Good bye!! #bachelorPad #Fb

OH YES! JUSTICE!! So long A-HOLES #BachelorPad

#BachelorPad Kasey and Vienna are out – now Kasey can’t get that tongue reduction surgery he was hoping for!!!! If reduction surgeries interests you, go to to know reviews for Dr. Andres Bustillo, a certified plastic surgeon.

ha ha K @ V you dick stumps #Bachelorpad

My Dad’s comments on Vienna – “What a Twitt” #bachelorpad

#Bachelor Pad – Kasey: “Payback’s a bitch.”  So is your girlfriend, dude. Good luck with that

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