Bachelor Pad Finale Live: September 12, 2011 – Your Top Tweets (Final Two Hours)

Bachelor Pad ABC Ames Brown Jackie GordonI may have worked 16 hours today but you better believe the moment I get home I’m watching the season finale of #BachelorPad

#BachelorPad  is the new Dr Phil

Ames is single. Hallelujah. #bachelorpad #finale

Oh, Ames. For shame. He can’t even look her in the eye. #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad Freaking Ames…

EVERYONE’S MOM THINKS AMES IS GAY! RT @Beccawinks: My mom thinks Ames is gay #bachelorpad


Click through for the rest of the Top Tweets from the Second Part of tonight’s Live Bachelor Pad finale.

Bachelor Pad ABC Kasey Kahl Vienna GirardiCan I get closed captioning on Kasey please??!! #Bachelorpad

@LinkAmanda Kasey direct quote “i sound like Kermit the frog because I have a speach impediment. I don’t like to talk about it” #bachelorpad

#BachelorPad Kasey says he doesn’t like to talk about his speech impediment – too bad he likes to talk about screwing everyone else over

Vienna’s version of herself borders on sociopathic. #bachelorpad

#vienna is such a lying little snake. #bachelorpad.

okay if anyone says they would take a lie detector test – they’re lying. #BachelorPad

I love that Chris doesn’t let Vienna spew her bullshit. #bachelorpad

I’m pretty sure that is a wig on Vienna’s head. #Bachelorpad

Vienna’s new hair color: Rabid Honey Badger. #bachelorpad

Someone give @ViennaGirardi a laxative. #bachelorpad

Vienna says that she has fans that can reach her …. Hold up she has fans #BachelorPad delusional much ?

Lost 23% of my brain cells this summer from watching #bachelorpad

Bachelor Pad ABC Erica RoseDonate them to Erica RT @CEreiser: Lost 23% of my brain cells this summer from watching #bachelorpad

and i don’t know… when Princess Erica became the voice of reason. #BizarroWorld #BachelorPad

I’m going to miss seeing @LegallyErica every Monday night. She needs her own show! #bachelorpad #myqueen

Bachelor Pad ABC Ella Nolan plastic surgeryI love that Ella kept saying she needed the money for her son, but then recently had plastic surgery. Was that for him too? #bachelorpad

Bachelor Pad ABC Kasey Jake hugWho’s taking bets we see a Jake/Kasey engagement announcment this week? #bromance #bachelorpad

WHAT!!!! Kasey and Jake with the shake to the man-hug?! WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL IS HAPPENING HERE #BachelorPad

#BachelorPad – Bro-love…gross

Bachelor Pad ABC Kasey Kahl criesWow Kasey needs an Oscar for this performance #bachelorpad

And the academy award for worst performance goes to…Kasey from #BachelorPad

ABC Bachelor Pad Melissa SchreiberSure hope they frisked Melissa for sharp objects before she entered the #bachelorpad finale studio. #stabby

Well it all makes sense now. Melissa is not crazy. She just has no f*ckin’ clue what “serendipitous” means! #bachelorpad

“We are serendipitous” = “We are meant to be” to Melissa? Alrighty then. #shescaresme #bachelorpad

I’m sorry but crazy doesn’t just come outta nowhere. Nice try Melissa #bachelorpad

Sweet Moses, we still have another HOUR of this?? I fear I may be curled up in the fetal position sucking my thumb at the end. #bachelorpad

Bachelor Pad ABC Holly Durst Blake Julian Proposal#BachelorPad – Law of diminishing returns for fans = when more of these losers get fake engaged and then DON’T get married #Tired


#bachelorpad how convenient that the cameras were there to catch this fake engagement – were Tom and Nicole’s kids there too?

#bachelorpad How could Chris not see this engagement coming? There’s a TAPE PIECE!

What gave it away? The Neil Lane product placement or the camera crew? #bachelorpad

Engaged?!?!? I’m enraged!!! #BachelorPad #teammichael

Really filmed proposal? Thanks for the free ring Neil lane. Sooo lame. How long do we give Blake and holly? #bachelorpad

Fake show, fake boobs, fake teeth, fake engagement. I sense a theme #bachelorpad.

Holly and Blake engaged already? Way to take it slow! #bachelorpad

#ABC and #bachelorpad should be ashamed of themselves for breaking the news to this guy on live TV.

ABC you suck! I cannot believe you pulled this crap move #bachelorpad

never witnessed such an awkward moment on reality tv #bachelorpad

So Holly and Blake had to sucker-punch poor Michael and tell him they got engaged on National TV? Really classy move. #bachelorpad

Michael should knock Blakes perfect dentist teeth out! #bachelorpad

Every time they call it a game, it reminds me of The Hunger Games & makes me wonder if someone will be ritually killed next. #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad You idiots… youre fame whores. Quit saying the money is for Cancer, Battered Women, and puppies

#bachelorpad made me cry. I’m #pathetic

What a bunch of knuckleheads #bachelorpad

Bachelor Pad ABC Holly Durst Michael Stagliano#bachelorPad Holly doesn’t love Michael. Michael doesn’t love Holly. Holly doesn’t love Blake – and the fuckers are all rich now! I need to get a job.

#bachelorpad Can we get some hot brothers on the show next season? They don’t stand for this cracker crap

@ryderfm #youknowyouremarriedwhen #bachelorpad wins over MNF on TV… even tho Vienna hits harder than the Denver Broncos (#caseyiscrazytoo)

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