America’s Got Talent: September 6, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

#AGT I’ll pay a million dollars to NBC if they stop making me look at Whitney in the lower left corner

I pretty much just watch #AGT to see the judges bicker.

What are we watching here? Cheerleaders at a football game?!? #MiamiAllStars #AGT

#agt All my life I’ve avoided televised sports… and still I end up looking at a stupid dancing chicken

some impressive moves but still too cruiseline for me. #AGT

Lys agnes… i always love your work. But i was NOT feeling this performance #agt

Just watched a hot mess on #agt. Don’t even know where to begin. #lys made a mistake.

WIN… and THEN take chances with your performance. Sheesh! #agt #LysAgnes

I have yet to see an act on #AGT tonight that I would vote for.

#agt these first two performances make me miss Those Happy Little People, er.. whatever they were called

Wow. Miami All Stars & Lys Agnes totally boned it. That was terrible. #AGT

Have you seen the Canadian version of America’s Got Talent? It’s called Hockey Night in Canada. #AGT #HNIC

Remember when that horse crapped on the stage? That was awesome #AGT

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Landon Swank, omgg…YOUR FUCKING HOT!<3 😉 #papipapipapichulo! #AGT!

#agt Oh Landon – you’re soo dreamy, but you need to lay off the helium

#agt I don’t understand. What was the point of this trick? Where did the fish go? Help me someone?

#fishandtricks???.. wtf?.. #agt

When Landon Swank performs….I go outside for a cigarette. #worstmagicianever #AGT

#agt I guess this Landon Swank trick is something I’m never supposed to understand, like Twin Peaks and people who dye their poodles pink

Good trick but I saw the glass slide down thanks to DVR #AGT

#agt Yikes! You could see the glass sliding!!

#AGT Is Landon Swank a conjurer or a goldfish murderer? Where did it go?

#agt That goldfish went into Landon’s mouth. I’d sell my baby to be that goldfish

#agt Ugh… did Anna just say she’s “taking a risk?” #KissTheWInGoodBye

Ack.. Anna shoulda come out and punched us in the nuts with a hard rockin tune. #agt

Like the Miami All Stars, Anna Graceman’s performance last week was better #agt

Everyone is not great tonight. I’m fully expecting #agt to call me and tell me I made the Final Four

I hope she does the number her dead Grandpa taught her- Anna Graceman/ Little Miss Sunshine #agt

#agt aren’t there any clubs the kids in Sihouettes can join at school?

They got Mom, the flag… I think I might have seen an apple pie in there. Sillhouettes #agt

pandering sacharine lowest common denominator whitebread bullshit #agt

Again, Silhouettes produce total shite. I didn’t understand that at all. #AGT #stopthejingoism and #flagwaving

I do like the Silhouettes, but that act is full of cheese. A lot, a lot of cheese. #AGT

Was seriously waiting for Bachman or Perry to burst through the screen chanting “Amurica!” #Silhouettes #AGT

#AGT oh gee what a surprise – PopLyfe is “taking a risk!”

I’m a sucker for a Jackson 5 song. #AGT

#AGT Poplyfe – dependably mediocre

Meh..they could be a lounge act. Like at Mandalay or something. Maybe poolside. Or Magic Mtn. #agt Poplyfe

Poplyfe’s playing this song about 30bpm faster than they should. #agt

Poplyfe has just secured a spot in the final 4 #agt

#AGT Poplyfe, I wanted to love it. But, why didn’t I?! It was good, but I wasn’t blown away.

Poplyfe will have a show on Disney channel week after next. #agt

“It’s Gothic. It’s scary.” how is that any dif. Please impress mee. My inner 13 y/old goth kid wants to love you! #agt #Westspringfield

West Springfied Dance Team next. Theyre dark and edgy. Year of the dance. #AGT

#agt I have already seen West Springfield do this act

Sorry.. that was not what I’ve come to expect. #=#agt wsdt

#AGT They’re a note above typical high school dance

I just don’t get the West Springfield Dance Team. Seriously….I don’t. #AGT

#agt – nothing worse then the faces of disappointed pre-teen zombies. The Stri-Dex Amateur Hour Tweens have done their final lumber

Someone please confirm the whereabouts of the goldfish please. Thanks. #AGT

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