America’s Got Talent: September 13, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

America's Got Talent NBC Nick Cannonhere we go time for #agt finals….gonna be a hard to pic just one

The good, the bad, the all-American idiots. I love #AGT so much.

#AGT What???? Those Funny Little People aren’t in the running anymore?

#AGT I do miss the acts that were good for a laugh – Kiki and the Calico Whatevers always cracked my ribs

You look at these acts and think.. which of them would a 3rd world Dictator hire for his son’s wedding reception..#agt

America's Got Talent NBC Finals Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.#agt Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. is gonna win America’s Got Talent! He’s amazing!

#AGT good song choice for Landau! That was the best he’s ever performed

Wow. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Wow. Amazing. #Agt. The black pack!

“What a moment” indeed! Right when that first note hit of “My Way”, I knew it was OVER! Landau just killed it. #AGT

“@themung2: Best thing about Landau…besides the singing.. He looks way better than Nick Cannon.” #agt

America's Got Talent NBC Hot Girl Behind Howie MandelOoohh. Look! They brought back the season’s mega-babe audience chick! Look behind Howie #agt

Click through for the best tweets from tonight’s #AGT Finals

America's Got Talent Finals Team IluminateTeam iLuminate’s performance made it look like I was watching a rave o.0 #agt

Wow.. my frontal lobe just jizzed all over my cerebral cortex! @Team_iLuminate #agt AMAZING

Wow team illuminate that was awesome #AGT you guys deserve second….because landaus first

Really? Howie? iLuminate is at a disadvantage because they are a group? Or they’re just awesome. #agt

@peroxidedesigns They’re at a disadv.. cuz they have to split a $2250 monthly prize check 10 ways.#agt

America's Got Talent NBC Finals Terry Fator

Who invited the racist puppet? #agt

Seeing Terry fator on #AGT and knowing how much he makes to do that…makes me want to shoot myself in the face.

America's Got Talent NBC Finals Poplyfe

@PopLyfe_Band , got get em on #agt–415,000 Oakland folk are rooting for you!

#AGT I wanna see Poplyfe go down tonight! They don’t deserve to be there. Sorry. #unpopularopinion

#agt Mousekteer Roll Call count off now… PopLyfe!

#agt Poplyfe = reliably unspectacular

#agt – Queen, huh Poplyfe?  Risky.

#AGT Big Fail on that one!!!

Someone forgot to turn on the auto-tuner on Poplyfe. #agt. #therecanbeonlyone

That was painful #poplyfe. They are not the champions. #agt

#agt Holy crap – did they forget to rehearse this week?

#AGT Piers was more than kind to Pop Lyfe. Really, worked so hard all your life?! You’re 15! Not a good performance & crying doesn’t help.

Really tho… Poplyfe was lucky to get this far. I know.. I’m brutal.. but that lil miss sunshine deserved the final more. #agt

America's Got Talent NBC Finals Silhouettes

If silhouettes come out as zombies.. i’m leaving. #agt

Liberals are destroying the fabric of America. OK, well, maybe just the Silhouette’s backdrop. #agt

#agt oh these Silhouettes are soooo gonna be perfomring at a Romney rally soon

was that kid wiping a polar bear’s ass? #agt

#agt Silhouettes just activated an acid flashback for me

Once again Silhouettes, the feel good performance of the night on #AGT

What planet are these #AGT judges living on when they hype Silhouettes up so much! They’re freaking horrible. Landau better win…

Is it even a question? ILuminate ftw! Silhouettes garbage again yet gets praised. #agt makes me crazy

Silhouettes had to many dissolves in their piece, not well coordinated with the lighting changes. #AGT

I’m so over Silhouettes. I’m inspired to wish that West Springfield Dance track them down and feast upon their tiny bones. #AGT


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