Bachelor Pad: August 29, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

Nobody uses the term “sociopath” more than #bachelorpad contestants.

Is it true that whenever Kasey and Vienna kiss, an angel loses its wings?? #BachelorPad

Kasey is single-handedly campaigning to bring back the phrase “kick rocks.” Hi, 3rd grade, we missed you. #bachelorpad

Kasey is perfect for twitter.: Kick rocks Deuces. Punch in face. Duh. Amerrrka. Girlfriend. Punch in face. Who’s the bigger man duh #agt

Kasey sounds like a dog with peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth.. Go home nowww! #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad This show needs a big sexy muscle-bound brutha. That’d shut Kasey up.

Oh boy. It’s time for the #bachelorpad kissing contest. An unparalleled train wreck of reality TV there cannot be.

Yes! A 2nd annual #BachelorPad kissing contest/hepatitis swap!

#BachelorPad Ella looks like she kisses the way I’d imagine a sleestack might kiss

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#bachelorpad When Melissa tilts her head to the side, confetti leaks out

melissa just has this whole relationship planned out in her crazy little head already #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad Melissa is nutmeg on steak crazy!

Hahaha when blake picked @HollyDurst, my tv spazzed out and made melissa look even more nuttier hahaha #bachelorpad

If I saw Melissa somewhere in public, I would sprint for the nearest exit. That woman is going to kill a lot of people someday. #BACHELORPAD

god, why is Melissa still single?

Melissa is a basket case and needs to chill on stirring that yogurt. #BACHELORPAD

Damn Melissa, what did that yogurt ever do to you? #bachelorpad


#bachelorpad The yogurt is dead now, Melissa

Holy psycho yogurt stirring batman #bachelorpad

Have never seen someone stir yogurt so viciously #bachelorpad

Why was Melissa DESTROYING that poor yogurt? It’s not like the yogurt didn’t take her on the date #bachelorpad #catlady #batsh*tcrazy

Holy sh*t. I’m gonna have to pack it in early if I have to listen to Melissa any longer. #bachelorpad

The lesson of tonight’s Bachelor Pad? Crazy chicks never win. #bachelorpad

Melissa seems nice but has a really ugly cry face #bachelorpad

My dad tries to pretend he doesn’t like #BachelorPad but he’s really more in to it than I am. He likes to make fun of the crazy bitches

If I continue to watch #bachelorpad I’m going to be as crazy as Melissa

I thought i was crazy….. then i was introduced to Melissa #BachelorPad

“I thought I had to lie to Melissa or she would cut my nuts off” Best thing Kasey has said. #bachelorpad

Melissa needs to stop making those ugly crying faces #bachelorpad

thank god melissas gone, good work #bachelorpad

Melissa seek professional help!! Please #bachelorpad

Get that girl some Atavan, STAT! #bachelorpad

Yay its over! Now I can eat! #BachelorPad

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2 thoughts on “Bachelor Pad: August 29, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

  • July 14, 2012 at 1:29 am

    It’s a reality show and nohtnig more. Most of the marriages produced from these shows don’t last very long anyway (or never existed (check out the reality show that Brian gets on in Family Guy(that was a good clip(and good example)))). This show is no different than the shows on VH1 or the E! channel. There are a bunch of these shows out there that hire people to develop these shows because they specifically know how to reel people in take the Flavor Flav shows for instance why did New York stay the ENTIRE time and return for a SECOND time, and later on GOT HER OWN SHOW only for one reason .we all love to hate her! Before you know it, we will all be tuned in once a week for The Ex of the Bachelor of Love (I’m obviously not a producer, but you get the picture). I do watch these shows on VH1 whenever I have time, but not religiously. They’re entertaining, but that’s it; nohtnig real about them. The actors in these shows do have scripts and they are contracted to do whatever they are told to do. I remember watching some show on the E! channel, I think, about the true life of a reality star. They all have the same opinion .its terrible! Have someone with a camera follow you around all day and try not to flip out! But wait! You can’t because it’s not under contract! It’s a vicious cycle that is hardly ever in favor of the actors . So he didn’t make a mistake. He was just fulfilling his contract. They might have already told her about what was going to happen and she is either a talented actress or was still emotional from when they originally told her. Either way, it’s all the same in the end .an upset and angered audience wanting more, which is just what they want. Big Brother’s Watching! Love the show, following ya’ll on Twitter, and I’ll be listening tomorrow. Peace!

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