Bachelor Pad: August 15, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

“oh my god these people are FREAKS” -my mom’s reaction to #BachelorPad

Was looking for football and accidentally watched all of #BachelorPad.

#bachelorpad I have something growing on my scalp that makes better decisions than the plate heads on this show

If you want to watch emotional, annoying, & destructive white people watch #bachelorpad

Are Blake & Kirk the same person? I haven’t been this confused since Benstantine. #Blirk #Kake #bachelorpad

Okay, #bachelorpad needs some non-white people. I can’t keep all these people straight ’cause they all look the same!

Ugh. I forgot my son’s favorite show is on tonight. #bachelorpad or as he calls it #craptrash

These girls throw like girls. #bachelorpad

This competition is HARSH. Way to crush the spirits of these dim-wits. #bachelorpad

Wow. #BachelorPad has hit new lows. Let’s throw eggs at the least attractive girl. #Demoralizing

Watching #BachelorPad w/ the west coast tonight. This egg tossing / target on your back challenge is brutal. Not a fan.

Erica “As long as it doesnt get in my hair”!! I bet she’s said THAT before! #bachelorPad

I actually like Erica. I would definitely knock on that trailer door. It’s the one with all the tires piled up out front,right? #bachelorpad

I can’t throw. If I’d been in this challenge, Chris Harrison would be covered in paint and eggs!

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Do these foolios realize trying to fix a relationship on #bachelorpad is like going to Temptation Island for couples therapy?

Wow Vienna your a coniving little snake #bachelorpad

Vienna, all the eyeshadow in the world isnt hiding the fact your eyes are too close together. #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad Vienna makes me gay – oh wait. I am gay. Vienna makes me GLAD.

#bachelorpad You can put Kasey in any sportcoat you want, he still looks like he should be holding a jug and a plate full of viddles

#bachelorpad I wonder how many immediate relatives kasey has lost to farm equipment

Does Kasey have a speech impediment??? #BachelorPad

Wait seriously. Kasey needs subtitles. I can’t understand one word he mumbles. #BachelorPad #ihatevienna #teamgia

Kasey sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher. #bachelorpad

Is an invisible person choking Kasey from #BachelorPad while he talks?? Cannot STAND his voice.. #DeathToKaseyandVienna

Im definitely NOT saying a well placed sniper in Malibu could easily take Kasey out of this game. Not saying that at all. #bachelorpad

Quote of the night: “Call me the sniper and I will snipe people” -Krazy Kasey #bachelorpad

The snark just writes itself, my friend. #bachelorpad

I don’t usually wish ill to anyone, but Kasey & Vienna would not be missed if they say, drowned in the #BachelorPad pool? Gawd. #assholes

#bachelorpad Did Vienna just call Kasey a man? Oh Lord, she doesn’t aim high does she?

If one more person on #bachelorpad says ‘guard and protect’ I might slit my wrists

#bachelorpad drinking game. Every time one cries, a shot. Every time some douche says “i’m gonna protect my girlfriend”, puke.

If I keep eating a cookie every time someone cries on #BachelorPad, I’ll never be on #BachelorPad

#BachelorPad No one say “Let’s strap on the feedbag, Melissa.” cuz well… she probably owns one

#bachelorpad Melissa has a weird head. It’s like if she leaned it back, a Pez would come out

#BachelorPad Melissa is not doing a good job making herself not seem crazy!

#bachelorpad If you took all the wine that Melissa has had to drink tonight, that would total all the wine i’ve had to drink tonight

Best line of the night, Blake kissing Melissa & saying ‘it seemed like a good way to pacifier her’ #bachelorpad #plugandplay

Chris Harrison just changed the rules up on the fly after Vienna insulted his franchise! #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad AHHHH the sorority house twist!

Vienna’s face was priceless!! When @chrisbharrison made the announcement that 2 wmn would go home!! Lmao! dumb bitch haha #BachelorPad

Bahahahaha 2 slaps in the face for Vienna in a matter of seconds!!! Suck on that you skanky famewhore!!! #bachelorpad

Ha! Take that you bitch! #bachelorpad

Guess I’m not picking Gia on my #bachelorpad fantasy team.

Thought Gia might have a speech prob due to physical issue, but now wondering if it’s just lip injections. #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad Has Ames said anything on either of these past 2 episodes?

#bachelorpad – Ames just spoke! i wasn’t even sure he had teeth

#bachelorpad Is Ames wearing those pink Willy Wonka pants again?

Ok, seeing Ames run after the car made watching this crappy show worth it. #bachelorpad

OMG AMES AND JACKIE!!!! Melt my heart <3 most adorable bachelor scene ever.

Ames & Jackie are so cute. Not going to lie, a shed a little tear when Ames ran after the limo. #bachelorpad

#bachelorpad I think Ames wins the office Oscar pool every year.. if you know what I’m saying

#bachelorpad Sorry ladies… Ames is either gay or stricken with “micro penis.”  Case closed.

#bachelorpad Ames is now free to go back to his job with The Wiggles

#bachelorpad Ames chose to leave now because he wanted to make sure he wouldn’t miss the Emmys

I’m sure Ames doesn’t need the money. After all he has a piggy bank for a head. #bachelorpad

#BachelorPad is two hours of my life I want back… every week.

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3 thoughts on “Bachelor Pad: August 15, 2011 – Your Top Tweets

  • August 16, 2011 at 4:11 am

    My roommate has started watching bachelor pad (err #bachelorpad) and every time she does, she basically wanders around the apartment afterward mumbling “such a car wreck” over and over again.

  • August 16, 2011 at 4:11 am

    And if it is a contest…

    “Erica “As long as it doesnt get in my hair”!! I bet she’s said THAT before! #bachelorPad’


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