The Bachelorette: July 25, 2011 – The Top Tweets

#bachelorette  those feet…I KNEW I’d seen them before

#bachelorette – Ryan… you started talking about water heaters… you’re done. Thanks for playing

#bachelorette in a moment we’ll all get to see Ryan’s heart actually fall out of his chest and onto the floor so Ash can step on it!

#bachelorette Ryan totally is gonna want all those frequent flyer miles back


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#bachelorette Ryan is probably the most apologetic lei ever

#bachelorette  I’m surprised Ashley even has a bottom lip left after they way she constantly bites it #annoying

#bachelorette Ben walks like he’s in marching band

What the hell, is this Ben or Constantine? #bachelorette

“She makes me laugh a LOT. Here, let me GIGGLE to prove it.” Thanks Ben. I have to go puke now. #bachelorette

What happens in the #Bachelorette fantasy suite?? My mommy says they read their Kindles and eat M&M’s together

“What would have to happen?” Um, sex, Ashley. Sex would have to happen. #bachelorette

“There’s NOBODY around – nobody but us.” Ummmm – cameramen, sound people, humidity-face daubers, jort-straighteners maybe??? #bachelorette

Unless Obama is telling me who Ashley picks on #Bachelorette, there is no reason for him to address the nation at 9pm.

OMFG OBAMA. Most. Dramatic. Interruption. Ever. #Bachelorette

Does anyone else think the Ashley looks like Martin Short? #Bachelorette

“I wanted a man cave,” says the most Neanderthal-looking of them all. #bachelorette

Is this seasons #Bachelorette the band camp version? Lol Can’t stop making fun of this. So lame.

If Ashley bonks all 3 dudes tonight, I believe that’s called a slut trifecta. #bachelorette

#bachelorette – “very fruity” – where’s Ames when you need him

#bachelorette they should just cut back to Ryan waiting in Fiji for the next three seasons of the show

So, does Ashley sleep with these guys three nights in a row or does she take a day or two break between them? #bachelorette

I am laughing at all the comments 2nite re: #bachelorette some ppl want 2 barf, some r so into it, some call it a train wreck,I’m frustrated

no joke. if i was on this show i would eat THEN have this stupid convo. their food is getting cold. i’m hungry looking at it. #bachelorette

She hasnt touched her cocktail #bachelorette

Recap.: So far, 2 fantasy dates… 1 scared, 1 ambivalent and walking off. Good work Ashley, you are 0 for 2. Keep it up. #bachelorette

Ashley is the most dumped #bachelorette in the shows history.. She gets dumped every episode!

#bachelorette they could do another season with all the men who walked off this season

Oh my! Every time I watch the #Bachelorette this season someone else leaves on his own~has she even had to send anyone home yet?!? #Sheesh

#bachelorette Ryan has Jack-In-the-Box face

Stop blubbering Ryan at least you got a free trip to #Fiji #bachelorette

You obviously don’t have to undergo a psych evaluation to get on the #bachelorette so I’m definitely applying.

It’s always awkward watching the fantasy suite episode with ur parents… #bachelorette

Ashley is going to ‘put it all out there’ with JP. Thinking she will let a nipple slip out #bachelorette #wheretheflattopends

think “micro-penis” RT @themung2: I cant find anything to heckle this JP guy over. #bachelorette

The country faces an economic default and y’all are pissed about the #bachelorette being interrupted? #priorities

Don’t know how my dad ever won over my mom. Watching #bachelorette with him and he can’t stand all the romance

It’s not a competition. Except for the part where we keep narrowing it down to a single winner. #bachelorette

My dad just said JP looks like Lance Armstrong…so hot…JP, not my dad….big gulps….well, see ya later! #bachelorette

#bachelorette camera guys can operate cameras with one hand you know #fantasysuite

Hello, Rose Ceremony Side Boob Action #bachelorette

Ashley, no one wants to date you on this show because you have the personality and bark of a pomeranian. Relax. #bachelorette

Who keeps stealing the bottom half of Ashley’s dresses??!! #bachelorette

#bachelorette Love how the tweets stop for rose ceremony where NO ONE is going home

Oh the suspense. 2 roses 2 guys. #nobrainer #bachelorette

#bachelorette  My God TV sucks!

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