Food Network Star Recap: June 19, 2011

TV Food and Drink proudly presents “Phenomenal Foodie Failures,” the classic sounds from the cast of this season’s Food Network Star.  Sit back, dim the lights and re-live the moments that make you glad you have absolutely no involvement in this show whatsoever.

You get ’em all!  The zingers! The questionable admissions!  The pathetic pleas!  All here for the first time in a single blog post.  Who can forget these timeless classics…

“They were having a blast. They just forgot to make food that tasted good!”
Duff Goldman, Cupcake Wars

“I happen to be a connoisseur of whoopie pies.”
Judge Bob Tuschman

“You’re like a one year old horse that needs to be broken.”
Bobby Flay

“This dish was so shockingly bad in its execution… but also…  just as a decision!”
Judge Susie Fogelson

“I actually spit it out!”
Random Nobody Food Taster

It was a pretty brutal week for just about everyone… except for Giada De Laurentiis.  You can’t ever look bad standing next to a vending machine full of candy.
This week’s first challenge (creating savory meals using chocolate) was more a heavy-handed plug for every Hershey product under the sun and less an opportunity to create pleasing finished products.  Yes, I’m talking to you, Vic Vegas.  If the idea of combining chocolate and asparagus didn’t strike you as…. risky at least… the finished product should have tipped you off that you weren’t doing yourself, the chocolate industry, or the general appetites of humans everywhere, any favors.

I won’t take the imagery any further, and it probably goes without saying that Vic did not, in fact, win this challenge.


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