Starbucks Customer Goes Berzerk

Four years after I first posted this video I shot to YouTube, not a day goes by without a new comment hitting my in box. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and they seem to be split right down the middle. Some insist the cashier was required by law to accept the hundred dollar bill. The rest think that the woman was just a crazy… well, bitch. Having witnessed it first hand, I tend to side with them, but I’m open to argument. Two things I can tell you for sure about this video:

1.) Because I took it into the manager of the store the next day in defense of the cashier, I got free coffees for a month.

2.) I still laugh every single time I hear my mom at the end say, “What is WRONG with her???”

Video is below. What do YOU think?

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One thought on “Starbucks Customer Goes Berzerk

  • February 21, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    What IS wrong with her? Good question Auntie! After working retail for almost 20 years, this video doesn’t surprise me at all. I applaud the manager for keeping his cool…had it been me behind the counter, I may have been the one jumping over it to strangle the crazy…well, Bitch. The customer is NOT always right. I would love to see her reaction if she had a chance to view the video.

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