Sixty Reasons

Ten for every year we’ve been together:

1. Always ready to watch Vertigo any time of day or night
2. Turned animating clay dinosaurs into a booming career
3. Finds my glasses for me
4. Brings a racquetball to roll under my foot when walking causes me pain
5. Once accidentally put a dozen eggs in the freezer.

6. Makes the bed
7. Saved the bottle of wine we shared the night of our one year anniversary
8. Makes me the second martini, and on occasion… the third, and on occasion…
9. Laughs uncontrollably at the giant baby in the Toys “R” Us commercial

10. Got an upset stomach on the Winnie the Pooh ride
11. Yells to me in the other room to let me know Betty White is on Match Game
12. Got J.J. Abrams to autograph the Alias pilot script for my birthday
13. Turned to me after we watched the Coming Soon trailer for The Da Vinci Code and proclaimed, “We are soooo staying home that night!”
14. Laughs uncontrollably at the frightened duck running the wrong way during the “Crossing the Red Sea” sequence in The Ten Commandments.
15. Cranks up the southern accent and says the word “poodle.”
16. Has the feline seal of approval

17. Can’t be on my team when we play “Scene It” because together we wipe the floor with everyone else at the party
18. Doesn’t make me go hiking with him
19. Talks me through using Excel
20. Carved our initials into the elevator door
21. Reminds me to take chances in my life
22. Finds the yodeling ventriloquist pageant contender as funny as I do
23. Left comments on my blog back when he was the only person visiting it
24. Will sing “Yes, We Have No Bananas!” with me
25. Ran the Dublin Marathon
26. Ran the San Francisco Marathon

27. Once told me, “You shine like no other.”
28. Has bloody heads and severed limbs made out of Sculpy next to the salsa and turkey slices in the refrigerator
29. Regularly calls me right as I’m calling him
30. Taught Z how to high-five

31. Sent me a text once that read, “I animated a horny ping pong paddle today!”
32. Quickly jumped in with the guy who was yelling at his girlfriend for liking Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
33. Accepts the fact that I assign most of his work friends nicknames because I can’t remember their real names
34. Proudly ordered “The Piggy Special with Bacon”

35. Once when I asked him, “Is your day picking up?” his response was, “No. But there are donuts nearby.”
36. Can perfectly duplicate the Mummy Dance from 1967s Mad Monster Party PLUS found the one frame in the entire film where you can see the animator.


37. Brought the amazing Gloria Granberry into my life, who in turn introduced me to Waffle House and chicken butchering classes
38. When I got the big zit on my lip, called me “Typhoid Gary”
39. Doesn’t know when the Super Bowl is on either
40. Supported my experiment of trying to see if I could get his cat to drink Coke Blak
41. Where others see a NuWave oven, he sees a giant 1950s robot head

42. Always hangs the pictures straight
43. Fixed my side view mirror
44. Meat Rabbit
45. Cheese Night
46. SuperTrip 2007

47. Bought me a food processor, a food sealer, and masculine aprons
48. His eyes

49. Best Disneyland seating partner of all time

50. Never misses a meal

51. Taught me not to fear bats
52. Took me here

53. Lights the pilot light for me
54. Can make an awesome breakfast regardless of the ingredients handy

55. The DeCastro Sisters

56. Vintage Enoteca
57. Composed a song out of the “Notice of Rent Increase” he received
58. “The Man in the Big Brown Hat”
59. SuperTrip 2009

60. His eyes (I know I already listed his eyes, but wowzy! Look at ‘em!)

Happy six years, baby! I love you!

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3 thoughts on “Sixty Reasons

  • February 13, 2011 at 8:16 am

    To start off the next year:

    61. Puts up with your dysfunctional but lovable family.

  • February 13, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Big heart face googie eyes at you….

  • February 13, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    AND thinks my kids are REALLY cute! (ok, teaching Z to high five, is really my favorite!)

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