The Naughty List: Michael Granberry

Three elves who march to the beat of their own litttle rummy-tums-tums are the stars of 2009’s The Naughty List, a work of pure twisted stop-motion holiday magic from Michael Granberry. If you’ve ever wondered where toxic toys end up once they’re pulled from the store shelves or from the mouths of their teething owners, Harold “Killer” Budd, Trixie de Lash and Justin Timberwood (who bares a striking resemblance to a former boy bander) have the answer for you. Be sure to watch through to the very last gag and find out why even at the North Pole, firing guns into the air is not such a hot idea.

Aside from the talent and genius on display here, there’s also a personal reason why I’m such a fan of Naughty List and that’s the stop-motion cameo appearances by my two cats, Prowler and Z.

Michael’s version of Prowler definitely reflects my elder cat during his scrawny, final months when he was barely more than a furry bone bag whose constant screeching howls most likely translated into the language of cat as: “Get off of my lawn!”

As for Z, he continues to preserve his full figure to this day (he prefers to be called Rubenesque), and though he is proud of his shape, he has unfortunately run up against an enduring Hollywood prejudice about apperance and is only shot in The Naughty List from the back.

Catch Prowler and Z (don’t blink or you’ll miss ’em) and The Naughty List in all its naughty Christmas glory below.  Happy holidays!


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